reception area

A reception area is a virtual space for any office. Reception desks in particular, are the first impression of the workplace and a necessary factor in face-to-face customer service. Without a put together, clean reception space, the rest of the office may not be adequately reflected. The ideal reception area furniture, and reception chairs, can create a sophisticated area.

Reception Desks

The first thing noticed when going into a reception area is the reception desk. People meet here, ask questions, and most importantly, the receptionist will spend their valuable time.

When picking out a desk, make sure you have the correct measurements, so the desk fits just right. Not only that, but it will need a matching reception chair!

Since the receptionist will be sitting all day, look for a sturdy and comfortable fit, such as Duke High Back Chair.


No one wants to be wandering around, not knowing what to do with themselves. The reception area must have quality seating for everyone. While people wait for a job interview, a meeting with a boss or client, it is for them to stay put.

Have the seats off to the side, so it is not in the way in the middle of the area. If you have a large reception area, please use up space and spread out the seating.

However, it is okay to have a small seating area–even a couple of chairs if your reception area is smaller. Check out the Jake Visitor set for some simple chairs!

reception chairsBasic Amenities 

Nowadays, technology is more critical than ever. It is a good idea to have free and accessible Wi-Fi for those waiting in the reception. If the wait is long, they can get some work done on their laptops or keep busy on their phones. Keep some things near the reception area that could help someone, such as tissues, hand sanitiser or magazines to read while waiting.

If it is within your space and budget, add a table in the middle where you can store the magazines, tissues, and visitors and set something such as their hot coffee down. If you do not have a lot of space, there are smaller table options, such as the Supreme Side Table.

Hand Sanitizer in Reception AreaOrganisation

As people come and go in the office, being tedious with their organisation will pay off. Something that every business should consider having is a whiteboard. You can keep things like positive messages, important contact information, upcoming events, particular employees’ names, etc. It is always essential to keep things up to date and easily replaceable with a whiteboard.

Another aspect of a reception room that can be helpful for an organisation is a pinboard. Like a whiteboard, you can pin any crucial papers with critical information for customers to be more aware of.

A managed space not only with information but with furniture and spacing as well generates a slick appeal. Keep any trash or unwanted pieces of materials stored away, so it is not visible to your average eyes coming in. A communal reception area echoes a coordinated office.

Good Lighting 

An excellent way to keep your reception area welcoming and bright is to have good lighting. Windows are a great way to offer the room natural light and not feel enclosed from the outside.

However, if you have a smaller room to work with, it is perfectly manageable to bring light sources in with light fixtures and lamps! Keep the colour of the walls white or a bright colour, giving a more open concept. On top of that, keeping plants in the room will give the room comfort and life which will be enjoyable for everyone that enters the room.

Make Use of Corners

Whether your office is small or large, being resourceful of your space can be incredibly beneficial. Reception desks can be placed in the corner to maximise space for seating or an area for visitors. The most practical and sensible use for a corner is extra storage. If your furniture or ideal layout does not include pieces in the corners, resort to a small storage unit there instead. Not only will it keep your things systemised, but storage units will also be making the most of the 90-degree angle of a corner.

Colour Scheme

When deciding what colour you want your reception area and reception chairs to be, it is vital to keep a couple of things in mind. You want to keep away from dark colours because they can reflect a dreary or sad emotion. If you’re going to keep your visitors in a better and comfortable mood, try to use brighter and toned colours.

Since it is a business, you still want to keep the colours professional, so stay away from neons and obnoxious colours. When you buy extra items for the room, such as pillows, carpets, and picture frames, make sure that it matches the walls’ colour scheme. If the walls are a primary colour, try and add a pop of colour somewhere subtle!

awesome reception chairsMake Your Reception Reflect Your Business

You can have the most organised, impressive, and put-together reception area, but an essential factor is to incorporate your business into the space. For example, if you are walking into a pediatricians office, you want to know that by the reception entrance. It can be confusing or intimidating when there is not a clear welcome from the business.

A sign or accessible business cards that are easily seen is perfect, or small pictures of the business purpose can also add comfortability.


Whether your business has a small or large reception area, try and make the most of the space. Making the reception area bright and welcoming and having quality furniture are some critical aspects in doing so. Every business is unique, so feel free to personalise it or put your logo out so everyone can see it!