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Office Furniture in Southport

Do you want reasonably priced office furniture at a high quality? Are you based in Southport on the Gold Coast? Value Office Furniture is a reliable office furniture retailer with over 30 years of experience and has been consistently rated very highly for online shopping for multiple areas spanning all of Australia.

We call ourselves Value because we know for a fact that we can provide you great value for money; we sell high quality office furniture for reasonable prices to ensure you get your money’s worth. We have an enormous range and a large number of promotions and special discounts, so you are bound to find the right product for you.

Our phone operators are full of knowledge and experience, and they are always prepared to help guide your decisions when you may be unsure. Struggling to choose between two pieces you like? Our highly-trained employees will help make your shopping experience easy and put your mind at ease.

About Southport

Lying on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Southport is a suburb populated by nearly 32,000 people. With a phenomenal skyline and a great city-culture, it is no surprise that businesses are in abundance there and we are happy to have provided many of them, from the old to the new, with top quality furniture. Just look at our reviews and you will see a long list of happy customers, many of whom are based in Southport.

Visit Our Showroom

Want to see what you are buying before you commit your money to it? Despite the faith we have in our helpline employees, we understand that some people like to see their furniture in person and try it out first; this is something our showroom can do for you.

Visit our local showroom to browse some of the finest office furniture we have available and find the perfect match for your office’s atmosphere. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and be answered by our knowledgeable and talented customer service team who will ensure that you are happy and confident with your purchase.

Your nearest showroom is located on the North side of Brisbane at Zillmere, QLD 4034. Allow us to make the space for you to browse and to tailor the experience for you by booking an appointment with us. That way, we can be certain to be able to spend the necessary time to show you exactly what you need and are confident you will leave with the knowledge that you have just bought the perfect office furniture.

Why Buy From Value Office Furniture?

The answer is simple, we have three decades of experience, quality ‘On Trend’ furniture at competitive prices and knowledgeable service staff, so the question should not be whether to buy furniture from us, it should be when. We value quality and reasonable prices, so we are certain you will not find a better provider in all of Australia.

Why We Are The Top Office Furniture Store in Southport

Wide range: We know that different furniture appeals to different people, so we strive to provide a multitude of furniture ranges with something for everyone. Our essential furniture range is great for new up and coming businesses, while our deluxe range is perfect for high-end veteran businesses as it will undoubtedly impress anyone who walks through the door. Being in Southport, maybe our beachcomber range is what your office needs.

Experienced: Rather than a new company with only a handful or reviews, we have a track record which we are proud of. We know that our 30 years in the industry counts for something, and we know you can rely on our expertise to provide you with the ultimate furniture experience.

Competitive prices: At Value, we do not feel the need to choose between offering a quality product and giving customers the best deals as we know we can satisfy both. All of our models are durable and practical and will not require you to break the bank to fully outfit your office.

Bulk buying: Acting as a true economy of scale, we know that giving us more business should mean that you walk away with a better deal. Our furniture packages are here to ensure you can fit entire rooms or even buildings with good quality furniture for a price much lower than individual buying. You could save $1000 just by purchasing a full office room set with us.

Customer service: Our customer service team, whether over our helpline or in our showroom, are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to deal with your queries in an efficient and effective manner which will leave you feeling confident and satisfied.

These are but a few values which we pride ourselves on, as they show that Value Office Furniture is the best retailer for you.

Contact Us

Contact us today to find out how we can make your office standout. Call our company number on 1300 00 8258 or if you prefer, you can send any questions you may have to our business email at [email protected] to get your questions answered. All of our operators are friendly, patient, respectful and ready to help with whatever you need. So, what are you waiting for?


Question: Do you sell furniture accessories?

Answer: Yes, we offer a wide selection of office furniture accessories to help personalise your office and make it stand out. If you need whiteboards or a place for employees to safely hang their coats and bags for example, our accessories will meet your needs.

Question: Do you sell storage?

Answer: Of course! We understand the importance of storing important items and documents in a secure and safe environment. Some of our top storage units are made of super heavy duty steel which will help you rest easier knowing that your valuables are safe.

Question: Do you sell sanitising stations?

Answer: We certainly do. We provide furniture and office accessories which can help to combat the spread of Covid-19. Not only do we sell hand sanitising stations, but we also supply wall mounted hand sanitiser dispensers, Australian Made gel hand sanitiser and protective screen dividers.

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