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Value Office Furniture St Kilda

Are you searching for office furniture in the St Kilda area but don’t know where to buy? Then consider purchasing from Value Office Furniture, an online store that offers the best prices, high quality furniture, great customer service and is a trustworthy company to deal with. We are eager to prove to you why we are the best online office furniture store in Australia. It’s difficult to choose online office furniture if you are not sure how to buy for your office space. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service department for advice on how to buy the right furniture. Our friendly customer service team is waiting to take your call. Do you love taking advantage of discounts and promotions? Then you should browse through our website and look for the best deals that we have to offer. You’ll love the unbeatable value that we consistently provide for our wonderful customers. We update our special deals frequently so don’t forget to check back from time to time.

About St Kilda

St Kilda has a population of 20,000 based on a 2016 survey. The central business district is also a seaside suburb of Melbourne. Therefore, it has plenty of offices that we have served well with our furniture over many years. The local bay is one of the attractions of St Kilda and the reason for it growing as much as it has over the years.

Visit Our Showroom

Do you want to try the furniture out first-hand before buying? Then take the time out of your day to visit one of our showrooms. They are packed with furniture, and you can inspect chairs, desks, lockers, storage units and more. By the time you are finished with your visit you should have the knowledge you need to make the right buying decision. Consider ordering the furniture at the showroom if buying online isn’t your thing. The showroom also has customer service representatives to help you figure out the right furniture for your needs. Their expertise and experience means you can understand the subtle differences between the various furniture types. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as needed to make a smart buying decision. The closest showroom to St Kilda is in Melbourne and the address is Building 3B 9-19 Leakes Road. Laverton North. Victoria 3026. It’s important to make an appointment before coming so we have someone available to help you.

Why Buy Office Furniture From Us?

Are you still wondering why you should buy your St Kilda office furniture from our online store? In this section, you’ll learn about some of the top reasons why we are the best online store for office furniture in Melbourne. It’s a good idea to know more about a store before buying.
Customer service: we take customer service very seriously and you will notice that when contacting us. You can contact us by email or phone to ask the questions you need to make the right buying choice. Our friendly customer service staff have the experience to provide meaningful suggestions.
Choice of furniture: we believe in offering our customers the choice to buy furniture that fits their needs perfectly. Therefore, you’ll notice a lot of variety in our online office furniture store. The office furniture categories we sell include desks, ergonomic chairs, lockers, storage units, whiteboards, accessories and more. You can also find the visual design that suits your interior décor.
Trustworthy: we have more than 30 years of experience in selling office furniture across Australia. Therefore, we are one of the most trusted stores that provides amazing consistency in our quality. Check the customer reviews to get a better idea of what service you can expect from our online store. Doing background checks on any online store is a smart idea these days before buying.
The above advantages of buying from our store is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll notice that there are many perks to shopping at Value Office Furniture. You’ll need to buy for yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

Contact us

To learn more about Value Office Furniture give us a call at 1300 00 8258 where our professional customer service representatives are waiting. It’s important to get good advice when buying office furniture. It reduces the chances of buying the wrong furniture, so you won’t have the inconvenience of dealing with returns. You can also send us an email by using [email protected]. We are eager to answer your questions so you have enough knowledge to make a smart buying choice. Give us your requirements and budget so we can provide actionable advice.


Question: Do you sell ergonomic chairs?

Answer: Ergonomic chairs are one of the highlights of our store. We believe office employees should be comfortable while working long hours on a daily basis. Therefore, you’ll find ergonomic features such as a good quality backrests, arm rests, lumbar support, ergonomic mechanisms and more. Take a look at the product description of each ergonomic chair to get a better idea of what’s offered.

Question: Can you help me choose the correct office furniture size?

Answer: Yes! Get in touch with our customer service department for help getting the perfect size for your available space. Choosing the right furniture size means you need to take into account several factors such as your floor space, surrounding furniture, and required walking area. Don’t crowd your office so it’s hard to get around. With our help you can get the functionality you need without running out of space.

Question: Do you sell meeting chairs and tables?

Answer: Meeting tables are great places to gather around for a quick chat with team members. It’s usually a casual space that can also be used to do some work away from the main office space. Meeting chairs are a good choice since they are typically less expensive than ergonomic chairs. They have various uses that enable you to have extra flexibility with your office furniture. We have some fantastic package deals when you purchase your new office table and meeting chairs together. Please contact us for more information.

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