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Value Office Furniture Sunshine Coast

Having the right office furniture is crucial for any business. In a contemporary office setting, the furniture creates a pleasing ambiance, thereby creating the right impression in the customer’s and employees’ minds. Moreover, it also adds to the comfort factor. Whether you are moving into a new office on the Sunshine Coast or renovating your existing one, it is very important to furnish the office the right way.

How Does the Right Office Furniture Affect Productivity?

On a working day, an employee can spend more than 8 hours in the office. This is a long time, particularly when most of this time is usually spent sitting. Therefore, the 8 hours spent sitting in the office must be made as comfortable and safe as possible. The more that employees feel comfortable, the less they are distracted by potential pain and aches in the body. The right office furniture will have some key features that help in improving the productivity of employees.

● Maintain the Right Posture

Employees are not all of the same height and shape. Our Sunshine Coast office furniture is designed in a standard height to accommodate 95% of the population. But if you are a short person, then sitting in a chair with your feet barely touching the floor can be uncomfortable. Similarly, if you are a tall person, then bending to read the lines on the computer is difficult. Therefore, you should have furniture that caters to the requirement of all types of people. This is possible by going for height adjustable office furniture. Please call our customer service team to discuss your specific requirements.

● Make Files Easily Accessible.

In an office, you will have to access files and documents or take printouts multiple times during the day. If you are to get up from your seat and access the required documents, it can consume a lot of your time. By having a proper storage unit close by where you could store all the necessary documents, you can save a lot of your time and thereby improve productivity.

● Create Zones in the Office

A modern office should have a work area where the employees can put in their productive best and a recreational area to unwind and relax when needed. Having the right office furniture helps in creating different zones in an office. This is particularly important for offices that have an open office concept. When work and leisure are blended the right way, it helps in boosting the productivity of employees, and staff retention.

● Boost the Morale of Employees

Employees spend close to 40 hours a week in the office. When they are provided with furniture that is comfortable to work with, it indicates that the management cares for their well-being. They feel valued and appreciated for the work they are doing. This can encourage them to put in their best at work.

What Are the Types of Office Furniture Required in an Office?

● Office Chair

A chair is the basic furniture required in an office as most office employees work while being seated. The office chair you select should be designed explicitly for that purpose and should have adjustable height, adjustable seat and backrest, and a comfortable seat. The chairs used in an office include executive office chairs, desk chairs, drafting chairs, meeting room chairs, and visitor chairs.

● Office Desk

The desk is the surface where you keep your office essentials like a laptop, paper, and other accessories while working. Next to the office chair, an office desk determines the productivity of the employees. The office desk should be spacious enough to accommodate all basic office supplies so that the employee need not run around looking for it. Office desks are of different types, like executive desks, computer desks, and corner workstations. Depending on your requirement, you should select the right type of desk.

● Cabinets

All important papers and documents in an office should not only be stored in a certain place but also be easily accessible when needed. An office cabinet serves both purposes. A cabinet can store papers, files, folders, books, and any other important documents. Depending on the space available in the office, you can opt for a tall cabinet with multiple drawers or a low-lying one with few drawers. Most of our storage cabinets are lockable. If you have very important documents that only a few people have access to, then such documents can be stored in an electronic filing cabinet that is easily programmable. Such cabinets can be opened only by using a special code shared with a few people.

How Long Does Office Furniture Last?

On average, office furniture should last for 7-10 years. But this depends upon the extent of use and the general condition inside the office. In the case of a leather or fabric chair, once the leather or fabric starts fraying from below the seat or armrest, it is time to replace the chair. Similarly, once the seat becomes less firm and uncomfortable to sit, then it is time to purchase a new chair. When compared to office chairs, desks usually last a long time as they do not usually get the same wear and rear as a chair does. But if you notice chipping from the edge of the desk, or surface wearing, then it is time to purchase a new desk. Similarly, if you are changing the overall look of the office, then also you should purchase a new desk to go with the new look. Like desks, office cabinet do not usually wear out easily. But sometimes your cabinets may not be enough to store all your documents. Therefore you have to either purchase a new one or upgrade to a larger option. Purchasing new office furniture on the Sunshine Coast is relatively easy as Value Office Furniture is here to serve you. We have a great reputation, and offer all types of office furniture, from chairs to desks and cabinets, at very competitive prices. We also offer furniture accessories like glass boards, pinboards and acoustic products. If you want to see the furniture before purchasing, then you can visit our showroom on the Northside of Brisbane - at Zillmere. QLD 4034. But please make an appointment first, so that we’re sure to have staff available to help you.

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