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Google Rating
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Office Furniture in Lidcombe

Do you find yourself in the Lidcombe area and unsure where to buy from? If you want high quality, fairly priced furniture for your office which not only looks good but stands the test of time, look no further than Value Office Furniture. We are a trusted office furniture supplier with over 30 years of expertise. Across multiple areas of Australia, we are consistently a highly regarded online furniture shop, with an envious reputation within the industry.

Value is baked right into the name, so if you find yourself trying to choose between quality or quantity, you need no longer worry as Value Office Furniture has both! Our range is enormous to give you a plethora of choices, so we are certain that we have what you are looking for, perhaps even at a specially discounted price! You are bound to find an amazing deal which suits your needs perfectly.

Our helpline is always here, ready and eager to help guide your decisions. If you are uncertain which model is best, then trust in our highly-trained employees with decades of knowledge and experience to make your shopping experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

About Lidcombe

A suburb in western Sydney,Lidcombe has a population of nearly 20,000 people. According to real estate prices, Lidcombe has experienced considerable growth in the last few years for both houses and office units and we are proud to have served new and long established businesses alike; you can read our reviews to see what our many satisfied customers are saying about us, many of which are from Lidcombe.

Visit Our Showroom

Want to see the furniture in person before you buy it? While our helpline is always around to answer any questions you may have, you might want to see what you are buying up close and personal - and we encourage it!

Our showroom in Sydney is full of some of the best quality stock we have at our disposal. Armed with years of relationships with Sydney’s best offices, our representatives are the right people to give you buying advice based on what makes an office thrive.

Being located at Unit 7 on 2 Southridge Street in Eastern Creek, NSW 2766 means we are not too far away! Make an appointment so we know to expect you; it allows us to tailor your shopping experience to suit you and your needs. If you like what you see, you can place the order in person and leave our showroom knowing you made the best decision.

Why Buy Office Furniture From Us?

With a mixture of decades of experience, our competitive prices and knowledgeable service staff, the question should not be why to buy from Value; it should be why not to. We are the best online furniture shop in the area and you will struggle to find better deals or higher quality models anywhere else.

Why we are the top furniture store in Lidcombe

Wide Array: We have a wide array of not only different furniture but dedicated furniture ranges. From our Essential furniture range full of the basics to get you started, to our Deluxe furniture range if you want to really wow your clients, Value Office Furniture has the right fit for you. Or, if you want something a little different, perhaps our Zen furniture range is what you are after.

Experienced And Reputable: With over 30 years of satisfying customers, you can be certain of good service and good quality, value for money products from a company who has supplied some of the top offices in all of Sydney, with top-quality furniture. You can trust us to do right by you as we treat all of our customers with the utmost respect and integrity.

Discounts And Promotions: All you need to do is visit our site to realise that we always have some promotion or other going at any given time, so finding an excellent deal is easy and efficient. We pride ourselves on our special discounts, so see what great money-saving offers you can get with us.

Bulk Buying: Outfitting an entire meeting room with desk and chairs can be pricey, which is why we offer furniture packages so that you do not have to buy everything separately. As an established business, we offer multi-model deals which other companies simply cannot compete with. Even for some of our smaller packages, you could save 4-figures by buying in bulk.

Customer Service: Our staff are receptacles of knowledge and will help to answer all questions and queries you may have. Speak to them on our helpline or talk to them in our showroom, whichever method you opt for, know you will be looked after by highly trained individuals who we are happy to represent us at the forefront of our company.

These are just a handful of reasons why Value Office Furniture is the best provider of office furniture in Lidcombe.

Contact Us

Don’t delay! Pick up your phone or open your email and get in touch with us today to discover how we can best meet your office furniture needs. Our telephone number is 1300 00 8258 or if you prefer sending questions in written form you can email us at [email protected] to get your questions answered promptly


Question: Do you sell home office furniture?

Answer: Yes, while we do specialise towards work-office furniture, a lot of our products are just as suitable for a home office. We even have a specialised page for home office furniture to help you find what you are looking for.

Question: Do you sell ergonomic chairs?

Answer: Of course! We understand the importance of being comfortable when sitting for long periods of time, so we have a wide selection – from basic to high quality ergonomic office chairs for your perusal. Furthermore, we offer free trial chairs to help you ensure you like the product before any obligation to buy it.

Question: Do you sell sanitising stations?

Answer: Yes, we understand the importance of preventing the presence of Covid-19 in the office as much as possible. We sell sanitising stations, both free-standing and wall-mounted, as well as office and screen dividers to keep people safe. All of this can be found on our furniture and office accessories page.

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