Reception area

When welcoming clients, future employees, and guests into your office: it’s vital that you create a space that will wow and allow them to see how serious your business is.  This is even more important if your office is newer and you’re trying to make a name for yourself.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have an endless budget: so you must set up a reception area that looks good without breaking the bank.  These seven fantastic & unique reception desks will change how people perceive your office for less than $1500!

1. Corporate Reception Desk

If you want to make a splash on a budget, the Corporate Reception Desk is a gorgeous unit that comes in beech and ironstone melamine colours! You can create a unit of your taste and include as many drawers as you want. The price will go up with the drawers, allowing you either two personal drawers with one file drawer or four personal drawers so that you can have as much storage as you’d like.

The Corporate Reception Desk comes with two cable entries to the desktop, has adjustable levelling feet, and the edges are fitted with 2mm thick high-impact ABS edging so that your desk is built to last. This is a fantastic unit that would look amazing in any reception area.

Corporate Reception Desk

Corporate Reception Desk

2. Edge Reception Desk

Out of the many reception desks you may consider: the Edge Reception Desk is a fantastic unit that has some of the most stunning colour blocking you’ll see.  With a stark white and ironstone colour, you can bet this desk will catch eyes in any reception area.  Offering the choice of two drawers with one filing drawer or four personal drawers, if you want storage added on, you can guarantee a clear workspace is the first thing clients and future employees will see when they enter your office.

The Edge Reception Desk comes with a five-year warranty that allows you to rest easy about how long it will last and is made for comfort and style.

Edge Reception Desk

Edge Reception Desk

3. Lauren Reception Desk

If you want a desk that looks sleek and gorgeous, with a black powder coat cowl, and the rest in beautiful while melamine: you should consider the Lauren Reception Desk.  This beautiful white and black desk is minimalist in style and leaves much room for your company to put its personality into it.

The edges are fitted with 2mm thick impact ABS edging, it has a black powder coat kick plate that matches the cowl, and it comes with a five-year warranty.  If you want more storage, you can purchase an optional matching mobile drawer unit, which stays below the $1500 mark and allows more space for documents!  This is a fantastic unit for any office with a modern look.

Lauren Reception Desk

Lauren Reception Desk

4. Rosalie Dark Walnut Reception Desk

If your office has a luxurious look, and you want to bring that forward into the reception office: there’s nothing better than the Rosalie Dark Walnut Reception Desk.  This piece of reception area furniture has a sleek dark walnut melamine construction complemented by a matte charcoal melamine feature front panel and hob.

This desk comes in three sizes, ranging from 1500mm long to 2100mm long, all coming at 840mm depth and 1150mm height.  If your office needs a more custom fit, the Rosalie Dark Walnut Reception Desk can also come in those, but they’ll need a 10 to 12 week delivery lead time instead of the usual one week to be able to create your order.

Rosalie Dark Walnut Reception Desk

Rosalie Dark Walnut Reception Desk

5. Compass Reception Desk

Why not allow your reception area to look like a piece of art?  The Compass Reception Desk is a gorgeous beech melamine coloured desk with a distinct look.  As an L-shaped desk, this workspace curves around your receptionist and allows space not only for them to work but also for them to assist people who need to sign off on the paperwork or to display printouts that need to be picked up.

You have the option to add a drawer unit, and this desk already comes with a glass raised ledge with chrome supports that make it easier to display items that should be closer to eye level.  This desk is beautiful and extremely versatile for any office interested in it.

Compass Reception Desk

Compass Reception Desk

6. Bond Reception Desk

Does your office need something striking to welcome guests into the office?  The Bond Reception Desk is a fantastic unit of white melamine construction, with a driftwood melamine feature front panel that breaks up its appearance and gives it an effortlessly classy look.

This desk is massive, at 2200mm long, allowing for a striking look that ensures plenty of work can be completed here, possibly by more than one worker.  With a set of drawers that comes with it and a hinged door CPU cupboard, this desk is ready to be put to work.  The five-year warranty ensures that this is a desk that’s built to last and look great.

Bond Reception Desk

Bond Reception Desk

7. Evolve Small Reception Desk 2-Sections

This modular reception desk offers the chance to have something that looks like a piece of functional art within your reception area. The Evolve Small Reception Desk is fully reversible so that it can be set up in any way you want and offers the chance to combine the two halves so that you can create a half-circle workstation for two workers.  The silver kickboard, and glass raised hob, give this a unique and classy look you won’t find elsewhere.

If you want a large workstation in your reception area that will welcome as many visitors as possible with two stations for workers: this is the ideal unit for your office.

Evolve Small Reception Desk - 2 Sections

Evolve Small Reception Desk

Your Reception Says a Lot About Your Business

How you welcome people into your business says a lot about how you do business and how you view your clients and employees. Consider one of these fantastic & unique reception desks when you update in 2022, and you won’t regret it!