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Value Office Furniture Fremantle

Are you looking to buy office furniture in the Fremantle area, and need help deciding what to buy? At Office Value Furniture you’ll find a service that helps you at every stage of the buying process. We will make the transition from searching to buying a smooth one. We also take time to answer questions and provide the right advice. We understand that knowing what to buy can be tricky. Therefore, we are here to help you figure the details of your requirements so you can get on with the rest of the day.

Also, don’t forget to investigate the special offers and promotions we run regularly. You may spot a good discount on the office furniture category that you want to buy from. Saving money for our customers is one of the reasons why we have been in business for many years.

About Fremantle

Fremantle is located in Western Australia and has a population of around 6,100. The nearby port is the biggest feature of the town and it has a history from the British penal colony. Over the years we have sold a lot of office furniture in Fremantle and the surrounding areas, and have many regular customers there.

Visit our showroom

Please take the time to visit our showroom if you feel happier about checking out our office furniture in-person. At the showroom we showcase a variety of our furniture that allows you to make the best buying decision. Taking the step of physically inspecting the furniture allows you to get a better idea of what you’re buying, and takes away any risk of getting something you’re not entirely happy with. Also, at the showroom you’ll have a chance to ask questions from our customer service staff. They are equipped to provide lots of insight to help with your buying decision. Consider what questions you’d like to ask beforehand so you can make the most of your visit. The closest showroom is at Wangara – 26 Callaway Street, Wangara. WA 6065. Please don’t forget to make an appointment before coming. It helps us ensure that we have the room to welcome you, and staff available to show you around.

Why buy your Fremantle Office Furniture from Value Office Furniture?

Are you wondering what stands out on our online store compared with other office furniture suppliers? Here you’ll see that we have the perfect blend of affordable pricing and good quality furniture. Our service department ensures that every customer has a smooth and productive customer service journey. Here is a list of the top reason to buy from Value Office Furniture:
Professional quality: we don’t take shortcuts in sourcing the best quality office furniture in Australia. With over 30 years of experience we understand what our customers want to be able to create a professional working environment. Therefore, you can count on us to deliver office furniture that is durable, and will stand the test of time in any robust commercial environment.
Promotions: we regularly provide promotions that will save you money – especially when buying in bulk. Browse through our website and you’ll spot these discounts for yourself. You’ll see that we even discount the high-quality office furniture pieces as well.
Customer service: do you have a problem with your order or need advice? Then our customer service team is there to give you help. They solve problems daily to help customers complete your order quickly and easily. They can also help offer buying suggestions that meet your criteria.
Variety: we understand the modern office requires specific furniture to meet it’s needs. Therefore, we offer a lot of variety, which includes office chairs, tables, storage units and much more. Also, there are a lot of price points to offer office furniture to all budgets.
These reasons to buy are just the start. Once you start shopping at our Fremantle online store you’ll see why we are a great choice.

Contact us

You can give us a call on 1300 00 8258 for assistance with your order. We understand you might have questions and need help to complete the buying process. Therefore we are always available to provide the assistance you require. Alternatively, send us an email at [email protected] if you want to write your questions. Generally, we answer questions in 1-2 hours during the day, but it depends on the volume of queries we’re receiving at the time.


Question: Do you sell ergonomic office chairs?

Answer: you can purchase ergonomic office chairs with quality features that are designed and proven to help avoid injury. The list of features includes heavy duty mechanisms, the best seat foams, arm rest , lumbar support , headrests etc etc. Without these features you can potentially suffer injury, particularly when you’re not seated correctly over long periods of time. Over the long term this can result in repetitive strain injury, aches and pains and fatigue.

Question: Can you help me decide on the best office furniture for my personal needs?

Answer: here at Value Office Furniture, we understand what you need to meet your office requirements. Call us today for help with the buying process. We serve offices all across Australia, so we understand what the modern office requires to run smoothly.

Question: Do you sell professional office desks?

Answer: you can buy office desks that have professional designs suitable for all types of offices. A good desk design is especially important for offices that welcome clients to visit. You want to set a professional image that will impress. Also, the desks should be ergonomically designed, functional and durable. That’s what you’ll find when shopping at Value Office Furniture.

Question: What are the advantages of executive chairs?

Answer: executive chairs usually have a premium visual design that adds to the quality of the interior aesthetics. Black leather chairs are the most popular option and they go well with all furniture types. Also, these chairs are comfortable, and usually have larger seats, so you can sit for hours and not need to take a break from your work.

Question: Do you offer office furniture discounts?

Answer: we offer many great deals regularly. You can see the discount prices as you search our website. Don’t forget, we love to do deals, particularly if you’re buying in bulk… just ask!

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