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Office Furniture in Ipswich

Are you setting up a new office in Ipswich QLD? Or are you renovating your existing office to be more employee friendly? Then selecting the right type of office furniture is very important. Apart from providing a modern and professional look to your office, having the right office furniture also helps to improve employees’ productivity. All employees need a comfortable working space where they can put in their best efforts. They need comfortable seating, a good surface to lay down their work, and a safe and secure space to store their office essentials. All this is possible only if you go for the right office furniture.

What Factors Should you Consider When Buying Office Furniture?

1.Employee Comfort

The office furniture should be ergonomically designed so that the employees feel comfortable while using it. Ergonomically designed furniture is one that provides good lumbar support, armrest, and comfortable seating. The furniture should have a height-adjustable mechanism and mobility offered by castors. This type of furniture should not cause any discomfort to the user even when used for long periods.

2.Office Space

The type of furniture that you purchase should depend on your office layout. If you have a small office, you can go for open layout where the employees can communicate easily and effectively. Back-to-back workstations without partition maybe be a good choice for this type of office setting. On the other hand, if the office space is large, then you can create different zones - like work zone, meeting zone and recreational zone. You can create zones by either going for screen dividers or using specially designed furniture.

3.Office Design

The office furniture that you select should blend with the overall design of your Ipswich office. The furniture selected should be pleasing to the eye and highly functional. Its colour should complement the decor of the office. The design of the furniture should be such that it makes the employee comfortable and helps to relieve their stress.


Office furniture is available in different price ranges. The price depends on the type of material used and the features of the furniture. Whatever your budget is, you are sure to get furniture that falls within that range. Our online Value Office Furniture Ipswich store make it convenient to browse a wide collection and select the right furniture according to your budget.

Which Type of Furniture is the Best for an Office?

An office mainly requires three types of furniture - an office chair for comfortable seating, a surface to keep your office work, and a storage unit. Based on this, you should look for the following type of furniture for the office.

Office Seating

There are different types of office seating, each serving its own purpose. Ergonomically designed office chairs are best suited for workstations. These chairs provide good lumbar support in addition to having comfortable seating. The castors attached to the chair ensures that you can move the chair without any difficulty. Executive chairs with ergonomic designs are also very popular, and can have very pleasing designs. For lounge seating, you can pay more attention to the look and design as these types of seats are not generally used for sitting for long periods.

Office Desk

Like the seat, the office desk should also be ergonomically designed so that the employees can sit comfortably. Office desks are available in different types, like a workstation – or corner desk, corporate desk, laptop desk, and modular desk with screen divider. Another type, and very common option these days is the height adjustable, or ‘sit-stand’ desk that lets you adjust the height to a sitting or standing position easily and regularly throughout the day, depending on your requirements. It is best to go for desks with a storage unit so that all necessary documents and office essentials can be accessed easily and without much difficulty.

Storage Unit

Storage units are required for storing important documents and files in the office. There are exclusive filing cabinets available on the market that can be used for storing files. For more important documents, electronic storage cabinets can be used that are secured using special code numbers. If the office has a large collection of books or printed material, then an open shelf unit, or bookcase is a good option so that everyone can easily access it. You can opt for tall storage cabinets or lower ones depending on the space available in the office.

How to Maintain Office Furniture?

Office furniture should be cleaned and maintained regularly to prolong its life. Regular cleaning should be done to remove the accumulated dust and dirt on the furniture. For cleaning chairs and lounges, you can use cleaning products depending on the type of upholstery. Leather chairs can be cleaned using leather cleaning products, whereas vinyl cleaner can be used for cleaning vinyl chairs and surfaces.

You should not use any abrasives as it can leave scratches on the furniture. Melamine and laminate furniture can be wiped clean using only a damp cloth. While placing the furniture, try to keep it away from direct sunlight. If the office’s layout is such that direct sunlight falls on the furniture, try to incorporate blinds or window treatments to provide some shade. Direct sunlight can discolour the furniture over time, and reduce it’s life span.

If you are looking for the right Ipswich office furniture, then Value Office Furniture is here to help you out. We have the right kind of furniture for every office, that is not only affordable but also of high quality. If you want to view the furniture before purchasing, then you are welcome to our call into our showroom at Zillmere. QLD 4034. Please call us and make an appointment first, so that we are sure to have staff available to show you around and answer any queries you may have.
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