Drafting chairs are very handy for use at high counters and tables. For example we have supplied many to bank tellers and airport check-in staff over the years.

While not classed as a true ergonomic seating position (as your feet are not able to be flat on the floor), these chairs nevertheless perform an important function. We do have drafting chair options with three lever mechanisms, so you are able to fully adjust the chair to a perfect seating position to suit personal preference. Our drafting chairs are available in a range of options, including mesh back and upholstered seats and backs. We have a solution for everyone. We have warehouses in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA, with huge stocks available for fast delivery right across Australia. In most cases deliveries are carried out by our own staff. This provides us with greater control and a far more reliable service. Please contact one of our customer service team members for advice on which drafting chair is best for you.

Are you in the market for drafting chairs, but need help choosing the right model? We have the experience to help you choose the right chairs for your needs. Also, take the time to browse through our selection of high quality drafting chairs that offers excellent comfort and affordability. Our products and prices are among the best on the market and we also provide bulk pricing for larger orders.

The features we cover in this buyer’s guide includes comfort, build quality, ergonomics and price. You’ll stand a much better chance of choosing the right model when each of these buying factors are taken into account. If you still feel stuck by the end of the guide don’t hesitate to give us a call with your questions.

Buying factors

How will you use your drafting chairs?

You need to answers a few vital questions about how the desk chairs will be used so you can formulate a list of requirements. Here are a few of them:

• Who will you use the chairs and how many people?
• Do the people using the chairs require special features?
• What’s your budget?
• Where will the chairs be located during use?
Once you begin to provide answers to these questions you’ll naturally come up with a list of requirements. These will help you make the right buying choice for the drafting chair that you need.


Drafting chairs are typically not used for work or sitting for long periods of time. Therefore, the ergonomics are not as important as for regular office chair, but it should still enter the thinking process. Here are the main ergonomics to consider:
Height adjustable: drafting chairs generally come with the ability to adjust the height. That’s perfect for allowing people of different heights to find the right setting for them. It ensures that people can easily touch the floor or foot rest if there is one. Ideally the adjustable height should be easy to use so that people sitting can change the height without much effort.
Lumbar support: you’ll notice that many of our drafting chair models don’t have backrests. That’s why they are not the most comfortable to sit in for extended periods. However, the models that do should provide lumber support. This allows the inward curve of the lower back to be adequately supported during long sitting sessions.
Good room: the seat must be spacious enough to allow for comfortable seating. With limited space you may struggle to get a good posture, especially if you feel like you’re sitting at the edge of the seat.


We offer amazing value for money when it comes to our drafting chair prices. It helps with getting a good deal for a big purchase. Don’t blow your budget on a limited number of chairs when you can choose our value options with bulk pricing. Also, take a look at the sales to see what great deals are on offer before they run out.


Drafting chairs should be durable, but consider the warranty period that each chair comes with. You’ll get an idea of how much faith the manufacturer has in their chair. Longer warranty periods are usually a good sign that the chair is built to stand the test of time.

Give each drafting stool and chair an inspection when it arrives. Make sure there are no faults and there are is a sign of good craftsmanship. You may need to put the chair together manually, but that shouldn’t be a problem with the provided instruction manuals.


Ideally, the drafting chairs and stool will blend in with the interior décor and the rest of your furniture. However, it depends on the type of establishment you are buying for. For example, offices where you expect plenty of clients will need more consideration than an office floor with just a few employees and where clients never visit.


Q. Should I choose a drafting chair with a backrest or go for the stool format?

A. Stools are more casual because they allow you to hop on and off quickly. They might be used in areas where people have quick meetings or eat food. The lack of a backrest means they are not ideal for long sitting sessions. However, drafting chairs with a backrest offer better comfort so they can be used where people expect to sit for longer. Also, consider choosing this model if it’s for clients since you want them to be comfortable.

Q. How can I figure out the size and height ranges?

A. This information is provided in the product description. The height range determines how much you can adjust the seat height. A wider range means the chair is suitable for a wider number of people. The size of the chair also determines the tables that it’s compatible with. Getting the right match with a table means the person sitting will be more comfortable.

Q. Can I buy a chair mat with the drafting chair?

A. Yes! We sell heavy-duty chair mats that are perfect for preserving the floor and also providing a stable surface. Consider buying one of these if the surface of your floor is not ideal for standard castors.

Why choose Value Office Furniture to buy drafting chairs?

The drafting chairs and stools we offer are competitively priced and offer excellent build quality. You’ll be thoroughly impressed with your purchase when it arrives on your doorstep. Also, we can offer you a 3D rendering service that will help you create a layout for the chair on your property. It’s an effective tool to preview how the chair integrates and it helps with figuring out how many you need.

Give us a call on 1300 00 8258 for more information about our office furniture range, deals and answers to any questions you might have. Our friendly and experienced customer service staff are eager to answer the phone.

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