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Google Rating
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Value Office Furniture Woolloongabba

Are you shopping for office furniture in the Woolloongabba area? Then continue reading about why we are the best online office furniture shop in Brisbane. You’ll see that there are various positive aspects to buying our furniture. We take provide in delivering high quality at competitive prices and have been doing so for many years. Not sure what you want to buy for your office? Then you can pick up the phone and contact our support team. They help all types of Australian businesses daily to make the correct buying decisions. Also, they can help you choose the best office furniture if you’re on a tight budget.

We offer a variety of regular promotions and discounts on our office furniture range. We invite you to look around our store so you can choose the furniture items that are a good match. You’ll notice that we run promotions on all categories. See furniture you like at a discounted price? Don’t wait too long before making a decision on a purchase as the promotional period might end.

About Woolloongabba

Woolloongabba has a population of approximately 5,600 based on a recent census and is home to the world famous ‘Gabba Brisbane cricket ground, and Brisbane Lions AFL team. Therefore, the area receives a flood of foot traffic when there is a cricket match or AFL game in the area. We have served the local area for many years with great service. Place an order today and see for yourself what we can offer you.We pride ourselves on our industry leading, exceptional customer service.

Visit our showroom

You can visit our showroom if you need to physically inspect the office furniture. Take the time to make an appointment and get a sneak preview of what you’ll be buying. You can improve your chances of getting what you want after seeing the furniture in person. At the showroom you’ll also find our customer service team that can help you decide what office furniture to buy. If you’re stuck between choosing the right colour or size, then they can offer the different perspectives you need. They answer questions daily, to many customers all across Australia, so trust their expertise, they’re there to help. You can visit our showroom at Zillmere. QLD 4034 and please don’t forget to make an appointment. It helps us get organised and make sure that we have enough space and staff available to accommodate you. We hope that you’ll find inspiration, and the office furniture you need whilst visiting our showroom.

Why Shop Office Furniture From Us?

Now let’s explore a few reasons why our online office furniture in Brisbane is the best. The combination of amazing furniture quality, superb customer service and attention to detail are the reasons why we stand out. Continue reading and you will find out why we are the only online shop in Brisbane worth considering.

Advantages of buying from Value Office Furniture:

Customer service: We understand that you might have questions and some confusion when shopping online. Don’t worry as we are here to give you a helping hand when you need it. You can always get in touch with our customer service team for help choosing the right office furniture. They have the capacity to answer all questions and help you at every step of the buying process.
High quality: Looking for quality office furniture that offers a professional look? Then you’ve come to the right place as we supply only the best. We improve office spaces by upgrading the quality of what they already have. If you’retrying to impress clients with your interior decor, then you’ll love the quality of our range.
Customer reviews: Don’t forget to read our customer reviews if you want to learn more about the experiences of others. You’ll find that we have amazing reviews since our customers love shopping at Value Office Furniture.
Reliable: We have more than 30 years of experience and over that time have developed a reliable service that you can trust. Once you place the order we will keep you informed at every step of the way. Therefore, you can feel confident that your office furniture it will arrive on time.
The pros of shopping at Value Office Furniture above means there is no need to go elsewhere. Also, the competitive prices we offer will help save you money. It’s especially handy for offices that are trying to stretch a limited budget, particularly when you’re buying in bulk.

Contact us

You can call our customer service department on 1300 00 8258 to get help from a customer service team member. It’s not uncommon to feel frustrated or stuck when shopping online for office furniture. You can ask questions and get advice on what office furniture is the perfect match for your commercial space. Want to write us your questions? Then use our email address, which is [email protected]. We always respond as quickly as possible, usually within a couple of hours, but it depends on the volume of emails we are currently dealing with.


Question: Which computer desk is a good choice?

Answer: When buying a computer desk you need to consider the size. Look at the area where the desk will be located. If there is a lot of room, then a bigger desk might be the right buying decision. That’s especially true if you need to place several monitors on the computer desk. Also, consider the visual style of the desk. You may want to pick one that matches the others in the office room, or blends in nicely with your existing décor.

Question: What office chairs are the most comfortable?

Answer: When buying comfortable office chairs always consider the seat foam. Extra cushioning increases the comfort factor, which is important when working long hours in front of the computer. Also, there must be ergonomic features that allow you to sit correctly and achieve a great seating position. Maintaining the right posture helps you avoid potential aches and pains, and even injuries from a long career of sitting in front of a computer screen.

Question:  How do I buy office drawers?

Answer: Start by considering what you’ll place inside the office drawers. The amount of storage requirements you have should determine the office drawer size you buy. Also, buy drawers that blend into the interior decor and other office furniture. Security can be an important factor for some users, so locking options should be a consideration as well.

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