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Office Furniture in North Sydney

Are you shopping for office furniture North Sydney but don’t know where to get a good deal? At Value Office Furniture you’ll be pleased with the prices and quality of the furniture on offer. Take a look around our online office furniture website to see what kind of products you can buy. Outfit your North Sydney office with furniture like an office chair, office desk, lockers for gyms and schools and much more.

We regularly release good deals and special offers so that you can get the best prices for office furniture in Australia. You’ll easily spot the reduced prices when browsing our website. Since we update our website frequently, check back to see if you can find a good deal on your furniture of interest. Don’t forget to ask, we love to do a deal! It’s hard to choose the right furniture in a short period of time. If you’re having trouble, then don’t hesitate to give us a call for help. We can answer the questions that give you the right insight into choosing the ideal furniture for your office.

About North Sydney

North Sydney is a densely populated area with plenty of offices that we supply with office furniture regularly. There are a number of sections in North Sydney such as North Shore, Forest District and Upper North Shore. It’s a beautiful region with many attractive qualities. Central Sydney is not too far away, which means our Eastern Creek showroom is within reach.

Visit Our Showroom

Take the time to visit our showroom where you can find practical advice on what furniture to buy. The showroom offers some of the best office furniture available in our inventory. You can also ask us what furniture we have on show to see if it matches what you are looking for. At the showroom in Sydney, you’ll find our customer service representatives that can give you the right buying advice. Their expertise is based on years of communication with many of the best Sydney offices. Take advantage of the time spent at the showroom by asking plenty of questions. The address of our Sydney showroom is at Unit 7, 2 Southridge Street, Eastern Creek, NSW 2766. Before coming you need to make an appointment. It allows us to make room for your visit and the resources to offer you the help to make the best buying decision. By the time you leave our offices you can make the order if that’s preferable to buying online.

Why Buy From Value Office Furniture?

Still not sure why we are the best Australian office furniture website? In this section of the page you’ll learn why we are the best place to buy office furniture for your Northern Sydney office. The combination of great customer service, premium quality furniture, and trustworthy service means that you won’t find a better online shop elsewhere. Read on for an overview of why buy from Value Office Furniture:
1. Trustworthy: with 30 years of experience under our belt you’ll find that our online store has the reliability you need. You can depend on our advice and attention to detail. Read some of our Google customer reviews to figure out that we provide an amazing service.
2. Premium furniture: we understand the need for amazing quality furniture at affordable prices. You won’t find a better match of competitive pricing and great furniture than at Value Office Furniture. Our pieces are durable and practical so you can build a productive office space without running out of budget quickly.
3. Customer service: it’s important to get the help you need to make the right buying choice. Therefore, we have built an amazing customer service department that is quick to respond and take the time to answer all questions. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or write an email if you have questions and we will do our best to reply quickly.
These are just a few of the top reasons why you should buy from Value Office Furniture. We strive to provide the best service in Australia regularly, which means you can expect amazing quality with every order.

Contact us

Pick up the phone and call us at 1300 00 8258 to get in touch with one of our sales staff. They are waiting to give you insight into our furniture options and what furniture makes the most sense for your requirements. The call operators are polite, friendly and respectful, so you’ll feel at ease asking as many questions as you need to get the right answers. Want to send us an email to ask questions in written form? Then use [email protected] and you’ll have the answers you need to choose the correct office furniture. We pride ourselves on replying promptly.


Question: Do you sell height adjustable desks and tables?

Answer: We have many height adjustable desk options available on our website. They are a great way of mixing up the working position in the office. Studies have confirmed to provide advantages for height adjustable desks and tables that help reduce the chances of injury. When buying height adjustable desks it’s important to understand the different sizes. Also, make sure there is enough desk space to work with.

Question: Can you help me choose the right office furniture?

Answer: Send us an email or give us a call for help picking out the best furniture for your office space in North Sydney. Our customer service department goes the extra distance to ensure all queries are thoroughly answered.

Question: What kind of office desks do you sell?

Answer: Browse through our website and you’ll see an extensive range of different office desks, in many modern and up to date styles. They include corners desks, height adjustable tables, straight desks and meeting tables and desks. With so much choice you can find one that will fit in perfectly into your desired space.

Question: Are ergonomic chairs worth buying?

Answer: Every office should have ergonomic office chairs so employees can work comfortably for hours, without causing any aches and pains. The ergonomic chair features prevent injury by allowing you to sit in the correct seated position.

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