Your reception area is your first chance to meet and greet and impress your guests. A well thought out and professional space with modern comfortable seating can really add that ‘WOW’ factor.

We have a very large range of lounges not only suitable for reception areas, but also for casual meeting rooms and staff breakout areas. All our furniture is manufactured to a commercial quality standard, so you can be sure that your seating will not only look good now, but will look good in years to come. We love doing deals, so if you want to combine a few items to fill your space, then please call us and we’ll put a special package together for you – at a special price of course! We have huge stocks of our lounges in locations all around the country, so you can be sure that your furniture is never too far away. We even use our own delivery staff whenever possible to add that extra peace of mind knowing that your furniture will arrive safely and on time.

Creating a welcoming reception area with furniture where guests can sit comfortably while waiting sets the right first impression. Furniture must be modern and comfortable so guests can stay relaxed. Do you need to upgrade your reception area furniture, but don’t know what to choose? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we offer some of the best reception seating furniture on the market.

We will also help you choose the right furniture for your office space. You can make the correct choice when factors such as durability, build quality, style and ergonomics are considered. Give us a call if you need further help with choosing the furniture that works best for your reception area.

Buying factors to consider

How will you use the office reception area furniture?

Consider how much space you have to work with and where the furniture will be placed. Also, what is the interior décor of your reception and what type of clients come into your building? When you begin to answer these questions you’ll visualize the list of requirements the furniture needs to have.

For example, you may need a lot of seating if foot traffic is heavy in your reception. However, if only 2-3 people wait at a time, then you can get away with more spacious furniture. Buying office reception furniture that meets your requirements leads to a better end result.

Type of furniture

You need to consider what type of furniture you can buy for the reception area. Being aware of the choices enables you to add functionality and versatility to this central area of your building. Here are the most common options:

Lounge chairs: these are for single person sitting and are very comfortable. Guests will not mind waiting for longer periods of time when sitting in one of these chairs. They are typically made from leather, or man-made leather and have spacious armrests. However, they take up quite a bit of space so make sure you have the room.
Lounge sofas: they provide the same comfort as lounge chairs, but offer seating for more than one person. Therefore, more people can wait in your reception area while feeling relaxed. However, lounge sofas are quite big so consider the amount of space that’s required.
Reception desk: still don’t have a reception desk? Then you should invest in one and we offer some of the most impressive models around. You’ll notice that reception desks differ from regular ones. They are bigger and have a tall counter where the receptionist can interact with the client.
Reception table: consider investing in a reception table where you can place magazines and refreshments for guests while they wait. A few readable magazines will help pass the time, which means they will be more willing to wait for longer.


Make sure you have enough funds to kit out the entire reception area instead of sinking the funds in one furniture type. We offer good value reception area furniture so you can afford to create a professional looking point of entry to the office. Also, consider buying the packages where tables and seating is packed in one. That’s the best way to make full use of your budget. We love to do a deal.


Think about the interior décor of your reception area so you can pick furniture that matches. It would be odd if the furniture was modern, but the interior décor has an old school type look. Trendy looking furniture is the way to create a good first-impression. Customers want to do business with forward thinking brands that are in touch with modern times and furniture contributes towards that.


Choose furniture that will last a long time. You need to inspect the furniture when it arrives, and check for any faults and defects. Look for good, long warranties to give you peace of mind. We state the length of our warranty in the product description, most are 3 to 10 year warranties.


Think about what fabric you are going for and have the same consistency throughout the entire reception area. Some fabrics are harder to clean than others, which should go into your thought process. Black leather, or man-made leather is a typical choice, but you might want to go for bright colours if you want to create a playful brand image.


Q. Can I use furniture from my office for the reception area?

A. You could, but it won’t provide the best results – it depends on what you have to work with. However, office reception furniture is better suited to the intended use. For example, lounge chairs and sofas are better than placing office chairs that might not be the most impressive way of welcoming your guests.

Q. Can you help me create the right mix of furniture?

A. Yes! Give us a call for more information about how you can create the perfect reception area for your guests. You’ll love the variety of our furniture and the experience of our friendly customer service staff.

Q. How do I know if the furniture will fit in my reception area?

A. Take advantage of our 3D rendering service to get a sneak preview of what the furniture looks like on your property. It’s a free service with no obligation to buy afterwards. Also, take a look at the product dimensions in the description. Get your tape measure out to see what can fit, but don’t forget to leave extra space for walking and spacing from other features.

Why choose Value Office Furniture to reception seating furniture?

We offer some of the most stylish office furniture on the market that will impress employees and guests alike. Take a few moments to browse through our range and feel free to give us a call on 1300 00 8258 if you have any questions.

We provide some of the best value for money and deliver to all areas in Australia. The buying process is simple and we go the extra mile to provide a service that’s helpful and informative.

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