We offer a comprehensive range of commercial quality executive office chairs. Whether you’re looking for large, comfortable black leather chairs, fabric finish options or modern mesh chairs we have them all.

Please don’t confuse our chairs with the many cheaper ‘lesser quality’ executive chairs that are on the market. Our chairs are built to last, and we only use quality parts and components. Buy a single chair for your office, or take advantage of our special discounts and trial chairs if you are purchasing larger quantities. Huge stocks available in local warehouses in most states, means we can arrange delivery anywhere in Australia quickly, reliably and timeously. You can also discover our wide range of Executive Office Furniture.
Do you want to buy an executive office chair, but need help choosing the right one? You’ve come to the right place! We offer some of the best executive office chairs on the market and you’ll get the buying advice required to make the right choice.You can buy the appropriate executive office chair when you think about factors such as price, ergonomics, comfort and durability. Not sure what you need? Then you get in touch with one of our customer service team for a helping hand.

Buying factors to consider

How will you use the executive office chair?

You need to visualize the environment or room where the chair will be used. This will help you decide what size chair you’ll need, and give you an indication of how much the chair will cost. Also, the style of the chair can be decided in conjunction with what the surrounding furniture looks like. Once you answer these questions you’ll begin to formalize a list of chair requirements, which makes the buying decision easier.


The ergonomics of the chair are about the correct seating position, so that you’re comfortable and avoid injury when seated for longer periods of time. Here are some of the top ergonomic features of chairs to consider:

Cushioning: the amount of foam padding on the chair contributes to comfort and support. If you are going to be sitting for long periods of time per day, then look for seats with extra padding. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that cushioning is the main factor since you’ll see there are other features to consider.
Lumbar support: the inward curve of the lower back can lead to incorrect posture – especially if you slouch when sitting. Lumbar support pushes support into this inward curve, which is important if you sit for long periods of the day. Adjustable lumbar support can be the best approach for some people, so the size of the support can match the person using the chair.
Arm rests: when using on a keyboard some people prefer their arms to be supported to avoid shoulder strain. Therefore, the armrests must be adjustable and be correctly positioned.
Chair base: the 5 star chair base must provide good freedom of movement so that you can reach for items easily on your desk. It’s important to avoid strain when you need to reach for items at length.

Visual aesthetics

Executive office chairs are typically bigger and generally have more of a premium look that adds character to your office space. However, we also have a few budget, or entry level offerings that have a low key design. The chair you choose should reflect the rest of your office so that it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.
Are you buying your executive office chair with other furniture? Then consider matching up the style so there is consistency. If you need advice on how to achieve a visually appealing setup, then give us a call.


Make sure the chair is built to last, since you don’t want to pay money for a poor quality build. You get the benefit of trustworthy, comprehensive, factory backed warranty when buying from us. Read the product description to find out the length of protection. A good warranty deal indicates the manufacturer has faith in the product they are shipping out of their factory.

Leather chairs are common choices for executives, but be careful to look after the leather. Over time this is one of the common reasons why these type of chairs need to be replaced. Even the premium leather models can get damaged if not looked after, or maintained properly.


The best chairs provide the adjustability required for most people to sit comfortably. This can include an adjustable headrest, arm rest and back height. Play around with the settings of your executive chair to get a seating position that’s perfect for your body.
Also, have a look at the maximum weight allowance for the chair. Good quality chairs generally have a user weight rating of around 120kg, but more heavy duty options can be as high as 200kg and more.


Executive chairs can be expensive because of the size, design and construction. However, we also provide budget options that companies with limited funds can purchase. This goes to show that you don’t need a lot of money to set up a nice executive office.


Q. How do I pick a chair for my size?

A. Go to the product description and have a look at the dimensions. Also, consider the maximum allowed weight to get a sense of what load the chair can take while operating safely.

Q. I have a bad back, what chair should I buy?

A. Look at some of our models with excellent lumbar support. They are the best option to avoid back pain. Also, make sure that you are sitting at the desk correctly without slouching to avoid further damage. It’s recommended to visit one of our showrooms to test drive a few chair options before purchasing

Q. How durable are the wheels at the base?

A. All our standard castors are tested to a weight rating of 130kg. For office chairs with a higher weight rating, we use heavier duty castors, with a higher weight rating. Our castors carry a warranty of between 3 and 10 years.

Q. I noticed that your executive office char prices are low, is the quality lower?

A. No! Our experience allows us to source the best chairs while keeping costs low, and passing the savings on to our customers. Therefore, you get to enjoy the best value for money office furniture on the market when buying from us.

Why choose Value Office Furniture to executive office chairs?

We offer a comprehensive choice of chairs at competitive prices – where else are you going to find that? Also, our customer service is friendly, informative and responsive. Give us a call on 1300 00 8258 to find out for yourself.
We can help you make the right buying decision and give you an update on the latest chairs in our range.

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