We offer an extensive range of lockers, suitable for all environments. Our Super Heavy Duty metal range will handle the most robust commercial environments. As the name suggests, It’s built to last and will stay looking great for many years to come. It’s available in a variety of configurations to suit all requirements.

Our new range of plastic lockers offer both a standard duty quality, and also a heavy duty option that is designed to suit all budgets. Suitable for indoor and covered outdoor use, they’re a perfect solution for educational facilities, commercial and industrial areas, mine sites and also ideal for gyms and swimming pool areas. Take a look, there’s something here for every application.

Are you interested in buying lockers, but need help figuring out the right ones to buy? We provide helpful buying advice for lockers so you can make an informed buying decision. This page will save you time and help you choose the lockers that meet your needs. Furthermore, check out our range of lockers and you’ll be impressed with the quality, affordability and selection.

The buying factors to consider include storage space, type of locker, locking system, visual aesthetics and price. When each of these factors is considered you can make the right buying choice for your needs. Alternatively, get in touch with us for more information about our range of lockers and the ones that best match your requirements.

Buying factors to consider

How will you use the locker?

You need to answer questions such as:
• Who will use the lockers and how many people?
• What items will be stored?
• Where will the lockers be located?

Answering these questions will help you make the right buying decisions. When you visualize the intended use, buying the right lockers will be straightforward. The good news is that we offer enough variety to meet the needs of any buyer looking for lockers.

Type of locker

The first choice to make is to consider the type of locker that you need. Here are the most popular choices:
Employee lockers: these are regular lockers, the kind you might have seen at school. They can be small and square, which means there is limited space for each person to store items. The other choice is vertical lockers that provide more space and are great for storing clothing, and personal possessions.
Mobile locker units: do you need to move around the locker? Then have a look at mobile units. They are typically smaller and on wheels, so you won’t have trouble moving them around.
Safe type lockers: these are lockers with a strong locking mechanism, but can’t be classed as safes. They are somewhere in between regular lockers and safes, which might hit your sweet spot. These type of lockers are typically cheaper than safes so it’s a good alternative for some uses.
Melamine lockers: most lockers are metal because they are more secure. However, you can choose melamine ones if you want to retain a certain type of style around your work place.


Make sure you provide enough lockers for every employee in the office and purchase extra ones for when you expand. Don’t blow your budget on a few premium units that don’t address all your locker needs. We offer some of the best value for money on the market, which means your budget will go further.

Locking mechanism

The amount of security the locker provides depends on the sophistication of the locking mechanism. The level of security should dictate the type of items you can store in the locker with peace of mind. For instance, if office employees have more trust in the locking mechanism, then they are more likely to store valuable items.

Consider investing in a few lockers with excellent locking mechanisms so that you can store the most valuable items in the office. Lockers are a good addition to any office since it means employees can leave their belongings in a safe place. However, it’s your job to invest in lockers that function correctly.

Build quality

Pay attention to the build quality of the locker to figure out how safe they are. The hinges and locking mechanism are the weak points that people trying to break in will target. Also, what type of metal is used to manufacture the lockers? Thicker metal leads to more strength, which means someone trying to break in is going to have a tough time.

Furthermore, better build quality ensures you can move units around without worrying if they are going to break. Consider the length of warranty the suppliers provides to get a sense of build quality. Manufacturers will not hesitate to provide a long warranty that covers many defect types if they have faith in the durability of their product.


Q. How much space do the lockers take up?

A. Navigate to the product description of the locker you are interested in and look at the dimensions. Then get a tape measure out to figure out how much space you have to work with. You can also use our 3D rendering service to preview how the locker looks like on your property.

Q. Are your lockers easy to break into?

A. Our lockers are not as tough as safes, but they provide enough protection for the average office employee. People can’t easily gain access to lockers without special knowledge and experience of how to break in. Therefore, lockers are an adequate safety feature. Give us a call to find out more about the protection our lockers provide.

Q. Do you offer school lockers?

A. Yes, our lockers can be used in schools, gyms, offices and other locations where people need to store their items. The affordability and quality of the build means you can invest for the long term.

Q. What should I buy with lockers?

A. Common items that buyers need with lockers are a hook system and benches. These compliment lockers depending on the context that you are buying them. For instance, gym lockers also require benches so people can get changed comfortably.

Why choose Value Office Furniture to buy lockers?

We offer a wide range of lockers, which means there is something to buy for everyone. Our lockers offer exceptional value for money so you are buying from the right place. Take a look at the product descriptions and images in more detail to figure out the lockers that match your needs.

Not sure what lockers you need to meet your requirements? Then give our friendly customer department a call on 1300 00 8258 for answers to your questions. We have the experience to understand the lockers that fit your requirements better than you can.

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