Height adjustable desks and tables are rapidly becoming one of our most requested products. Various medical reports have been released over recent years suggesting that it is more conducive to a healthy working environment to change your working position during the day. Optimally, alternating standing and sitting at your desk regularly throughout your working day is deemed very beneficial. Many Government agencies are replacing their fixed height desks with height adjustable options. We have various sit-to-stand desk options available to cover just about every budget and requirement, including hydraulically operated, manual wind-up and the more popular electric push button height adjustable straight desks and corner workstations. The electric options can be adjusted to any height from the lowest point to the highest by simply pushing the up or down button and releasing it when the desired height is achieved. We also have a convenient pre-set control option available. This is an attachment that you can purchase and fit at any time, and allows you to pre-set your desk at various heights. At a single touch of a button you can lower your desk to a pre-set height, and then raise your desk again at a single touch of a button to a second pre-set height (comes with 4 pre-set memory buttons). This solution is perfect for users who regularly adjust their desk throughout the day, or when there are multiple users of the same desk who prefer to work at different heights. Another very popular height adjustable desk solution is our desk top stand. This is a more economical and often convenient solution that simply sits on top of your existing desk top, and vertically adjusts to various heights quickly and easily. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced team members for advice on which desk is more suitable for your needs. We have huge stocks of furniture located in a network of warehouses throughout the country, so you can be sure of a quick and reliable delivery to your door. We also offer a full delivery and professional assembly service in most metro areas of Australia. Just send us a quick email with a list of your requirements, and we’ll quickly check stock availability and provide a competitive quotation for your furniture assembly.Read More

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