We have a comprehensive range of office tables. These range from attractive small and larger coffee tables and side tables that are perfect for your reception area, rectangular and round meeting room tables in various sizes, folding and flip-top tables that are perfect for training and multi-purpose rooms, to larger boardroom tables.

Our range of office tables is designed to suit all budgets and requirements. As with all our office furniture, our tables are manufactured using quality components that have been tested to withstand the rigours of a commercial office environment, and carry a comprehensive factory backed warranty. We love to do a deal, so if you’re looking to buy tables and chairs together, please let us know which table and chairs you like, and we’ll design a special package for you, along with an unbeatable price. We distribute office tables all over Australia from local warehouses in most states. This allows us to deliver to you quickly and reliably, and reduces the risk any damage. Please contact us if you have any queries. Our staff are here to help and have many years of experience.

Are you shopping for office tables and need help to choose the right one for your needs? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide you’ll learn about the top buying factors that contribute to the right office table. Tables are an important part of the office where the work happens. Therefore, getting this buying consideration right sets the stage for the rest of the working environment.

You need to consider buying factors such as build quality, budget, space, durability and visual aesthetics. Consider these elements of the purchasing process and buying the right office table will be straight forward.

Buying factors to consider

How will you use your office table?

Have you picked out a spot for your new office table and considered how you will use it to complete your work? Answers to these questions and more will give you a set of requirements for the table, which makes the buying decision easier.

We offer office tables for all types of buyers and the prices are amongst the most affordable and competitive on the market. Read on to find out the model that makes the most sense for your needs.

Type of table

The first decision is to think about the type of table that you’ll be selecting. For example, go with a boardroom table if you need to seat a large number people for meetings. Every office should have at least one boardroom table or meeting table if there is enough space. It creates a place where productive discussions can be held amongst team members and visitors alike.

Small tables are ideal for individual employees, but they must be at the right height for the chairs that you’ll be using. Finally, the table ergonomics must be correct to avoid discomfort.

Flip top tables are ideal for scenarios where you need a lot of table space periodically throughout the year. This might be for events and parties. Once the occasion is over flip top tables can be folded and rolled away and placed in storage, or stacked out of the way. This flexibility is a good aspect of buying this type of meeting table.
Round tables are good for small groups to gather for a quick chat. It’s a type of meeting table where 3-5 office workers can collaborate on a task. Dotting these meeting tables around your office is a smart idea if you have the extra space.

Build quality

The majority of our tables have a commercial melamine surface that provides amazing durability for the long term. We offer a range of looks so you can choose something that matches your tastes and what you already have in your office.

However, to provide a sense of openness consider choosing glass top tables. Visually they don’t appear to fill the space as much, which reduces the feeling of clutter in an office. It’s perfect for small and bigger office spaces alike.


Do you need a larger quantity of tables? Then buy them all in one order to enjoy the benefits of bulk discounts. We offer sizeable discounts when you buy a quantity of units, which is the best way to make the most of your furniture budget.

With office tables you get what you pay for, which means buying the cheapest options isn’t always the best choice. Pay for quality that will last longer than just a few years after purchase. All our tables come with a long warranty so you can buy with peace of mind.

Ergonomic design

Office tables need to be well designed so that you can work in comfort for long hours as required. Here are a few table features to consider with this in mind:
Foot rest: tables with an elevated foot rest give you the freedom to sit in a different position. It’s comfortable and can reduce strain based on what seat you are using.
Height: tables should have a height that allows you to sit ergonomically correct. This means your arms are comfortably positioned at the right angle.
Size: tables that are too small might lead to incorrect seating positions. Therefore, you need to make sure the table is big enough for what you will need to complete work. We offer tables that are small, medium and large so take your pick accordingly.


Q. How do I know if the table will fit in my designated work space?

A. Use our 3D rendering service to see how the table looks on your office. This will help you determine if the table will fit and compliments the rest of your office furniture. The service is free and there is no obligation to buy. Leave extra room around your table for walk space and other furniture.

Q. Do I need to assemble the tables?

A. Yes, but the good news is that only basic tools and only basic skills are required to assemble our tables. In most cases you will complete the job in only a few minutes. The clear instructions provided mean that you can assemble the table without feeling lost.

Q. Which table material type is best?

A. All tables in our range offer good durability and solid construction. Therefore, it mostly comes down to your preferences. Choose the visual aesthetics that make the most sense for your office.

Q. Will your glass tables break easily?

A. No, they are designed for everyday office use. All our glass furniture items are made using toughened safety glass, for added peace of mind.

Why choose Value Office Furniture to buy office tables?

Take a look at the wide selection of tables that we offer and you’ll be impressed with the variety. Our tables come with a guarantee and are built to last. Also, you’ll struggle to find better office tables at more competitive prices than we are offering.

Want to buy in bulk? Then give our customer service department a call for more information on discount rates. Our trained professionals are waiting to give you information on 1300 00 8258.

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