‘AFRDI’ is an abbreviation for the ‘Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute’. It’s an Australian Government initiative and ‘Not for Profit’ organisation that has been set up to independently test all office furniture, but particularly office chairs. They rigorously test all the individual chair components and then test chair as a whole unit.
A lot of office chairs look the same quality – but vary dramatically in price. Unfortunately, as many have found out, as a general rule with office chairs – you get what you pay for. Chairs that are AFRDI tested and approved are given a ‘rating score’. The higher the rating, the more robust the chair. AFRDI ‘level 4’ for example, is applied to chairs used in a general office environment. AFRDI ‘Level 6’ rating is applied to chairs suitable for ‘severe commercial use’. Most of our chairs on this page are AFRDI level 6 approved – the heist rating possible, so you can be guaranteed of purchasing a high quality chair.
Any chairs that are on this page that don’t have the AFRDI Blue Tick logo, carry the ‘BIFMA’ certification (Business & Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) – which is the American equivalent of AFRDI.
Please contact our experienced sales team for any clarification, or if you need advice on a specific chair, or looking for a chair for a specific application.
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