Good quality, well designed and comfortable conference room chairs make a great impression on your guests. We offer a well thought-out range of traditional and more modern and contemporary designed meeting room chairs. We have chairs to suit all budgets, from start-up businesses that want chairs which are available quickly and economically, to more established companies that are looking for something a little different, to educational and government agencies who may be looking for something a little more robust.

Don’t forget, if you’re buying larger quantities of conference chairs, or a combination of these and other office chairs, we can offer special discount prices, and in most cases we can let you have sample chairs free of charge to test before you buy. We can deliver our chairs anywhere in Australia boxed for easy self-assembly, or we can deliver and assemble, AND take away all the packaging – it’s up to you. Call us for free advice and benefit from our many years of experience.

Are you shopping for meeting room chairs, but are struggling to find the right models? In this buyer’s guide you’ll find advice on how to choose the right chairs for your needs. It can be hard to know what to look for in a chair if you’re an inexperienced buyer. The factors we cover include ergonomics, comfort, durability and price. You’ll buy the correct executive room chair when you take each of these factors into account.

We also offer some of the best meeting room chairs on the market for you to make a selection from. Our prices are competitive and the build quality is excellent. We spend a lot of time sourcing different office chair options, so we hope you’ll love the design of our chairs, so browse through our selection after reading the buyer’s guide section.

Buying factors to consider

How will you use your meeting room chairs?

You need to consider several fundamental questions before you can buy chairs that meet your requirements. Here are a few common ones:

• Where will the seating be used?
• How much money do you have to spend on the chairs?
• What kind of people will be using the chairs?
• What kind of needs do the users have?

You’ll have a better idea about your requirements when some of the questions are answered. You may have other questions that are more relevant to your case.


Take a close look at the size of your budget and the number of chairs you need to fill out your office. Spread the budget evenly so that you can buy enough chairs without running out of funds. We can help you choose the chairs you need, and even provide bulk pricing for larger orders.


Do your meetings take a long time? Then you’ll need comfortable chairs that allow for productivity. Here are a few of the top ergonomic factors to think about

Lumbar support: the chairs need to protect the lower back by providing lumbar support. Adjustable lumbar support is the best option since each person can get a fit that’s best for their body. Back problems are one of the main injuries from chairs, so lumbar support is an important consideration.
Arm rests: to relax the shoulders arm rests maybe required. They could also be adjustable so that each person can get the right setup. Without arm rests the person will need to place their arms on the table for support.
Wide size: meeting room chair should be wide so there is enough room to get the right seating position. Narrow chairs may lead to an incorrect posture that can lead to injury over the long term.


Long meetings can be uncomfortable if the chairs are stiff and offer poor back support. Look for seats with extra cushioning so that fatigue doesn’t become an issue. How will you know that the chairs are comfortable from the images on our website? If you’re wanting 6 or more chairs, we will deliver a couple of sample chairs for you to try out for a few days, and take them away free of charge. Therefore, you can buy the meeting chairs that you know are comfortable, without risk, and know offer the features that tick all your boxes.

Build quality

Inspect the build quality when you receive the chairs. We are confident that you’ll find the durability of our meeting rooms chairs superb. In the rare event that there is a fault you can take advantage of our trustworthy warranty. Look in the product description to find out more about the length of the warranty period and the material the chair is manufactured from.

Inspect product images before buying to get a sense of what materials are used and how they are put together. Leather, or man-made leather are comfortable and common material types for meeting rooms.

Visual aesthetics

Meeting room chairs should have a style that’s similar to other furniture around your office and the interior décor. Consistency is key to a professional image. We offer enough styles so you can pick out the chairs that match your taste and existing decor.

Still not sure what style matches your offices? Then take advantage of our 3D rendering service that allows you to visualize the chairs in your office. There is no obligation to buy after using the unique service to help you make an informed buying decision.


Q. What makes your meeting rooms chair better than others?

A. We provide amazing value for money that you are not going to find elsewhere in Australia. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and affordable prices. Your offices will look professional and you will have chairs are comfortable too.

Q. I need to buy a lot of chairs, what discounts can I get?

A. Browse through our selection of chairs and have a look at what sales are running right now. Take advantage of the offers before they run out. Also, we offer bulk pricing for larger order. Get in touch with our sales department for more information on what we can do for you. We love to do a deal!

Q. Can you help me choose the right meeting chairs for my office?

A. Yes! Don’t delay in giving us a call for insight into the best type of chairs for your particular needs. Our experienced customer service staff have worked with many customers around Australia, which means they know what they’re talking about.

Why choose Value Office Furniture to buy meeting room chairs?

The meeting room chairs in our range offer superb comfort, competitive pricing and long lasting durability. Where else are you going to find that combination at an affordable price? We also go the extra mile by providing a 3D rendering service, and give you a chance to test chairs out before buying with no obligation to buy.

Give us a call on 1300 00 8258 for more information on what chairs we can offer your offices. You can trust us to give you the advice that leads to the right buying choices.

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