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Value Office Furniture Dandenong

Are you interested in buying Dandenong office furniture and are looking for a great store? On this page you’ll find amazing value for money that will make the most of your budget. The combination of good customer service, fair prices and high quality office furniture means there is a lot to like. Don’t forget to browse around for the discounts and promotions that we regularly run. Take a look at the product category of interest to locate the discounts that will save you money. The reduced prices are updated frequently so check back often. Not sure what office furniture you need for your Dandenong office? Then get in touch with our team of experienced professionals for help. They can provide the advice that will assist you in buying the office furniture you need. For example, if you require specific ergonomic chair features, then they have the understanding to help select the right model.

About Dandenong

Dandenong has a population of around 30,000 based on a 2016 census. It’s a Melbourne suburb that’s just 29km away from the CBD. The area is located on the Dandenong Creek and the township began in 1852. We are well known in the area, and have served the community and offices of Dandenong VIC for decades with our high-quality office furniture.

Visit Our Showroom

Do you require in-person assistance selecting your office furniture in Melbourne? Then don’t hesitate to visit our showroom in Melbourne. It’s packed with some of our best furniture and you can inspect it for yourself. Take the time to carefully evaluate the pieces so you can choose one that’s a perfect match for your home or office. At the showroom you’ll find customer service representatives that have the knowledge to help you make a good choice. They regularly work with the some of the biggest Australian offices, which means you can take advantage of their insight. They can provide actionable suggestions so you can pick out the style and functionality that matches your needs. Your nearest showroom is located in Melbourne and the address is Building 3B 9-19 Leakes Road. Laverton North. Victoria 3026. Please don’t forget to make an appointment before coming. We have plenty of open time slots every week so you shouldn’t have trouble arranging a convenient time.

Why buy office furniture from us?

Are you still not sure why we are the best office furniture online store in Dandenong? Then read on for insight into our top features. The attention to detail and quality of our furniture are just some of the highlights at Value Office Furniture. Here is an overview of why buying from us is a smart idea:
Choice of furniture: there is no need to buy online office furniture elsewhere in Australia when we offer so many different categories. With one order you can kit out your entire office, which saves you time. The categories we sell include office desks, office chairs, lockers, storage units, accessories, whiteboards and more. Take a look around our website to see if the furniture you want is just one click away.
Customer service: we understand that buying online can be difficult since you can’t see the furniture in-person. Therefore, we have created an amazing customer service department that’s based on 30 years of experience. They can answer all your questions so you can have a smooth buying experience.
Trustworthy: it’s understandable if you have hesitations about buying from an online store. Do background checks to see what other buyers have experienced in the past with the store you’re interested to buy from. With that thought in mind we invite you to look at the verified customer reviews left on our store. It will go a long way to taking the guess work out of your next purchase. You’ll notice an overwhelming positive review count, which should give you the confidence to buy from us.
The above mentioned reasons for buying is just a sample of what you can expect from Value Office Furniture. Once you experience our online store first-hand you’ll be another satisfied customer.

Contact us

For more information about what furniture we can offer for your budget gives us a call on 1300 00 8258. Speaking with a customer service representative will help you figure out what office furniture is a perfect match for your needs. They can help suggest the size and style based on your office interior décor. You can also use [email protected] to send us an email if that’s more convenient. Our customer service team will respond within the hour during the business day, but this may take a little longer during busier periods.


Question: Why buy ergonomic chairs?

Answer: Ergonomic chairs offer support and comfort that enables you to work for longer hours in comfort. The ergonomic features also help prevent injury, which can be a big problem for employees working 40 hours or above. The features that you need to look out for include lumbar support, an ergonomic mechanism, headrest and armrests. Also, make sure the size of the chair matches the user. Getting various size chairs might be the best approach for a large office space.

Question: Why upgrade office furniture?

Answer: It’s a smart idea to upgrade office furniture to improve the functionality of your office space. For instance, if you need extra storage space to reduce clutter, then it makes sense to spend money on storage units. Upgrading furniture can also improve the look of your office so it’s more professional. That’s an important consideration if you invite guests and clients into your office space.

Question: Can you help me choose the right office desk?

Answer: We offer a wide range of office desks, which includes straight and corner computer desks. Give us a phone call and ask a few questions to get a better idea of what desks are the best match for your needs.

Question: Should I buy visitor chairs?

Answer: Buying visitor chairs is a great idea if you regularly invite visitors and guests into your office. Make sure the chairs are comfortable so that your visitors won’t mind waiting if they have to. Also, it’s a good idea to choose visitor chairs that blend in with your interior décor.

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