There are many types of visitor chairs available to make a great first impression with your guests. We have up-to-the minute mesh back designs, or fabric, man-made leather, and genuine leather upholstery options. We have a very comprehensive range of all chair types, including visitor chairs with castors, four legs, cantilever and sled frame versions – with and without arms.

All our chairs are manufactured using quality parts, so you can be sure that your new chairs will last the distance. We understand that purchasing chairs is a very personal choice, which is why we offer free trial chairs that you can test before you buy. So if you’re thinking about purchasing a larger quantity of visitor chairs, or a combination of any office chairs, please ask us about our free trial chair offer. We will deliver fully assembled chairs to you, and pick them up again after you’ve tested them – FREE of charge with no obligation. We have large stocks of office furniture in warehouses in most states of Australia, which means we can distribute our chairs anywhere quickly and efficiently. Our chairs are usually delivered boxed to avoid damage, but if you prefer, we can deliver, assemble and take away all the packaging, the choice is yours.

Do you need more seating for your visitors, but are not sure where to buy? You’ve come to the right place because we offer some of the best office visitor chairs on the market. Our range is affordable, sourced from reputable manufacturers and have good build quality. You’ll struggle to find better waiting room chairs at such competitive prices.

We also provide the buying information so you can choose the office visitor chairs that meet your requirements. The factors we cover include ergonomics, comfort, price, and build quality. You’ll have a better chance of buying your ideal chair when each of these factors is taken into account.

Buying factors

How will you use your visitor chairs?

You need to ask some fundamental questions before you can build a list of requirements for the chair. Here are some common ones:

• What are your guest seating needs?
• What is your budget?
• What type of guests or visitors enter your work place?
• Where will the chairs be placed?
Once you begin to answer these questions you’ll have a good idea of what buying decisions you need to make. If you are still confused then you can give us a call for more information.


You need to think about the backrest so that you don’t buy chairs that lead to back pain. For example, the lack of lumbar support may lead to slouching and that’s bad for the back. Arm rests are also a good idea because they allow the arms to be positioned in a way that relaxes the shoulders. However, they don’t have to be adjustable since the guests sitting down are typically not using a keyboard, and generally not seated for long periods of time.
Comfort is also important so look for soft materials that allow guests to feel relaxed. This ensures they don’t feel agitated or frustrated by having to wait for too long. Think about the type of seat you’d like to sit on yourself and you’ll end up with comfortable chairs.

The good news is that you can get away with less expensive seating for guests because they won’t usually be sitting for long in most cases. Therefore, a lack of ergonomics is unlikely to lead to injury. You need to sit for long periods every day before the negative effects of a poor seating begin to formalize. However, you should still make an effort to purchase the best seating options that fit in your budget, particularly if you’re blending with existing executive office furniture and reception areas.


Consider the total amount of guest seating that you need, the space available, and the size of your budget. This allows you to not run out of budget before you’re able to buy enough seats to meet your needs. Fortunately, we offer bulk pricing so you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

Build quality

The build quality should be strong if you are buying for high-traffic areas such as a busy reception area, or doctors surgery etc. Examine the website images to get a sense of the materials and how they are put together. Also, look at the product description for information on the length of the warranty period. Longer warranties should give you confidence that the chair is built to last for a long time. We have a very comprehensive – factory backed warranty period of between 3 and 10 years.

Note that you’ll need to assemble some chairs, but with the included instructions that’s a straightforward process.

Visual aesthetics

Does the chair style matter? It depends on the type of brand that you have. Some brands rely on their image more than others to get sales. As a rule of thumb you should try and choose chairs that blend in with other furniture pieces and the interior décor.

Black leather, or man-made leather is a typical choice that looks good for most guests and is fairly comfortable too. However, you may want to go for colourful fabric options if you want to portray a more playful brand image.


Q. Can I try your chairs out before purchase?

A. We understand that it’s hard to buy a chair without first sitting down and experience the chair first-hand. Therefore, if you are wanting to purchase 6 or more chairs, we will deliver the chairs to your location fully assembled so you can give them a try. This service is free of charge and there is no obligation to buy after we take away the chairs.

Q. I’m not sure what chairs to buy, can you help me choose?

A. Yes! Give us a call and you’ll be put through to an experienced furniture professional that can help you choose. You’ll love the friendly and informative advice that allows you to buy the models you need, and best suit your requirements

Q. Do I need to provide a small table in the waiting area?

A. It’s a good idea to offer a small table so people can use it to read magazines amongst other uses. The table can be small so it shouldn’t be problematic to place in areas with limited space.

Q. Do I need guest chairs with arm rests?

A. If you’re on a tight budget you can look at some of our models without arm rests. They are good enough for waiting areas where guest need to sit for only a short time.

Alternatively, buy some chairs with arm rest, and some without. This works particularly well in a doctors waiting rooms. You can even alternate chairs with that have arms with chairs that don’t.

Why choose Value Office Furniture to buy office visitor chairs?

We go the extra mile to provide a service that cares about the satisfaction of your purchase. Browse through our selection of guest chairs and you’ll find enough variety to choose models that match your needs. Also, take advantage of our 3D rendering service so you can take a look at how the furniture looks on your property.

Still not sure what furniture to buy? Then give us a call today on 1300 00 8258 for help with choosing the chair models that are a good match for your requirements. Our experienced team have the knowledge to give you the right advice.

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