Our large range of office drawers include fixed drawer units that attach to our desks and workstations. These are usually available with either three personal drawers or one personal drawer plus one deep bottom file drawer, and are generally constructed in melamine. We also have a mobile drawer unit – these are often referred to as a drawer pedestal.

These are available in a range of drawer configurations, and manufactured from either melamine or steel. Most of our drawer units are fitted with locks as standard. Our range also extends to melamine and steel vertical filing cabinets in various drawer configurations, and also a lateral filing option with two, three or four drawers. All our drawer units are manufactured with quality heavy duty components, and designed to withstand a robust commercial office environment. He have huge stocks in warehouses in metro areas in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA. so you can be assured of a reliable and speedy delivery.
Are you in the market for office drawers, but need guidance on how to buy the right one for your needs? In this guide you’ll learn about the buying decisions that you need to think about when buying the best desk drawers for your working environment.
You can never have too many drawers as they are great for organising your equipment and files. You’ll end up with the right office drawer unit when you consider factors such as price, durability, style and storage space.

Buying factors to consider

How will you use your office drawers?

Consider how much space you need to store your office items in the drawers. Where will the drawers be placed and who will use them? Once you can visualise the location and use of the drawers you’ll make the smart buying decision.
The primary function of drawers is for storage. Use that as the main buying consideration and you’ll end up with the choice that’s practical for your needs. Style is also important if you work in an industry where presentation is key and clients visit your offices regularly.

Storage space

Do you need to store a huge number of files for a large company? Then you should buy the biggest desk drawers that are available. Get in touch with us for bulk discounts if you need more than one unit. We have some great deals for when you next buy desk drawers in Sydney.
Consider buying more storage space than you anticipate you’ll need. That’s because you might develop more storage needs that were not foreseen, which means you may need to come back and order more office drawers. The delivery costs can add up when you buy office furniture separately and you don’t get to enjoy the benefits of bulk discounts.


Think about the visual aesthetics of the drawers – do they align with the other furniture you have in your office? You don’t have to win any interior design awards, but do make your office presentable. That’s especially important if clients come up to your offices. Setting the right first impression means opting for an interior design that’s built to impress.
Take a look as some of our modern melamine desk drawers. They look stunning, easy to maintain and are a good combination with a lot of different furniture types. It’s a good idea to choose one drawer design that you like and opt for the same style throughout the office. It looks better than mixing and matching.


What is your budget for buying desk drawers? If you have a limited budget, then you may want to choose low cost options from our selection. This allows you to achieve more storage space for a given budget.
The office drawers in our collection provide some of the best value for money in Sydney. Buy from us and you’ll get the most amount of storage space for your budget.

Build quality

Worried that the drawers will break shortly after purchase? Then buy with a warranty deal that lasts for multiple years and covers many damage types. When the units arrive at your property inspect them for faults and inconsistencies. Also, try out the handles to see if they can function as designed when the drawers are full.
Commercial quality melamine is a very durable option these days, but opt for metal drawers if you want long lasting units. Many carry a massive 10 year warranty. They are the best option to place in high traffic areas. Metals drawers are perfect for use where they need to be opened and closed frequently.


Consider adding drawers with a security feature so that you can store sensitive information. Most office security drawers don’t have sophisticated protection mechanisms, but they are enough to deter most people trying to break in. For obvious reasons they are also mostly metal, which contributes to an industrial look in the office.

Planter Boxes

Want to add a good dose of greenery to your office? Then consider choosing filing cabinet drawers that come with planter boxes. They are an intuitive design that contributes towards a vibrant office that employees can get excited about.
Drawers with plant boxes will require upkeep so make sure that you are ready to take the task on before buying. The effort is worth it in the end and clients will be impressed with the visual aesthetics.


Q. What are the most durable office drawers in your range?

A. All our drawers have good commercial quality durability, but if you want units that offer the best durability then take a look at our metal drawer options. They can take a tough beating before wearing out. In any case our drawers come with a warranty guarantee, which means you can buy with peace of mind.

Q. How do I know if the drawers will fit in my office?

A. Take advantage of our 3D rendering service that will digitally insert the furniture of interest into on your property. This allows you to visualise the drawers in your space and if they are a good match in terms of size.

Q. What material should I choose?

A. Other than durability you need to consider the visual aesthetics of how the drawers will look in your office. Is there a lot of melamine furniture already in your office? Then it makes sense to choose melamine based furniture from our selection. Also, consider the drawers with planter boxes to add another dimension, and add a nice touch to the overall look.

Why choose Value Office Furniture to buy office drawers?

We carry a huge range of office drawers in Melbourne, which includes different styles of metal and modern melamine styles and colours. Therefore, you can choose the style that matches your office. We also offer different sizes allowing small and large storage needs to be met.
We offer bulk discounts for customers that want to buy larger quantities at one time. Give our customer service team a call on 1300 00 8258 for more information on what office drawers is a good match for your needs. Our friendly customer service staff have the experience to provide the right advice.

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