The purpose of this policy is to detail how our office furniture is delivered and assembled in metro areas as detailed below and all other areas of Australia.

Types of Deliveries:

Pick up Customer
Paperwork and payment must be completed before pick-up is possible. Payment cannot be made at the warehouse. Items will be supplied boxed and will need assembly. Basic tools will be required to complete the assembly.

Flat Pack Delivery – Metro
Items will be delivered boxed and dropped off at Reception or as instructed. Basic tools will be required to assemble the furniture.

Flat Pack Delivery – Outside Metro/Country Areas
Items will be delivered boxed or palletized. Boxes will be dropped off at the nearest ground floor entrance. Delivery is priced for a ground floor drop off only. If boxes are palletized and no forklift is available, the driver may require assistance to unpack the pallet. Basic tools will be required to assemble the furniture.

Delivery and Assembly – Metro only
Items will be delivered, assembled on site, placed in position and all packaging will be removed. This option is only available to customers residing in one of our delivery areas. Our website – – has a Delivery Cost Calculator in the ‘pop-up’ at the bottom of each page when you scroll down. Delivery postal codes can be entered into this calculator to determine whether you are in one of our delivery zones or not.

Delivery Rates:
South East Queensland (Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast), Sydney, Melbourne and Perth Metro Areas

Pick up by customer  FREE  from one of our warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth.

Flat Pack (Boxed) Delivery  $39  – Any number of items in metro or CBD areas in SE Qld, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth

Delivery & Assembly  calculated in the shopping cart  – Any number of items in metro or CBD areas in SE Qld, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

All Other Areas (non-metro)
Flat Pack (Boxed or Palletised) – Items delivered either boxed or on a pallet. Boxes will be dropped off at a ground level location. If the items are palletized and no forklift is available at the delivery point, the driver will require assistance to unpack the pallet. Items are fully insured during transit. Consignments can usually be tracked online

Delivery Time Frames;
Please note – Orders will be processed as soon as all paperwork is finalised and payment received – unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance. Online orders will be processed as soon as payment has cleared Delivery and assembly in Metro areas will generally take place within 3 – 5 working days after paperwork is finalised and payment received, providing all items are in stock. All deliveries take place from Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 5.00pm. We do not deliver over weekends.

We are unable to give an exact delivery time as many variables affect trucks in transit. We will request that drivers call beforehand to give some notice of their arrival, however this is not always possible and the expectation is that customers or other nominated persons are available on the delivery day to meet the driver. Items to be shipped interstate or to country areas, will generally leave within 24-48 hours of the order being processed via local couriers after payment has been received and providing all items are in stock. Every effort will be made to inform customers as soon as is practicable if items are not in stock Whilst we endeavour to minimise any delays, Value Office Furniture has no control over delivery time-frames once the shipment has left the warehouse by third party courier.

Delivery Terms & Conditions
Value Office Furniture will advise customers in good time of a delivery date by email. All customers to ensure there is someone available to meet the driver. All customers to ensure that a valid contact phone number is supplied for the driver. It is strongly recommended that a second backup phone number is also available for the driver to ensure that the delivery is not missed. It is an expectation that our clients will equip us with all possible information pertaining to the delivery e.g. above ground delivery; lift or service lift access; loading bays or loading dock availability; street parking; opening hours if not open 8.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday; site contact details if not the same person placing the order etc. If the delivery date is not suitable or if there will not be someone on site to meet the driver, the expectation is that the customer will contact the Value Office Furniture head office on (07) 3821 0325 as soon after notification as possible to reschedule the delivery: In the case of a flat packed delivery, the customer may give authority for the goods to be left on site in a safe place. (Customer to call the office to confirm). 

In the case of a delivery and assembly service, the delivery date will have to be rescheduled. (Customer to call the office to confirm) If no-one is on site to give access to the driver and no authority has been given to leave the goods in a safe place, the order will be returned to the warehouse and the delivery will have to be rescheduled. A delivery which has to be rescheduled due to customers not being available on the delivery day and not informing the office in good time (at least 24 hours before delivery if possible), will incur additional fees i.e. a $39 Re-Delivery Fee and a $20 Administration Fee (Total Fee $59.00). This fee is to be paid before the delivery is rescheduled. Payment can be made either by phoning the office with credit card details or by bank transfer.

Value Office Furniture shall not be liable for any losses incurred by the buyer or any other person as a result of any delay in the delivery of the goods, or any part of the order for any reason whatsoever.

Customers are to ensure that comprehensive and correct delivery information is given at the time of ordering. We need to know if there is a lift or if the driver/installer will have to carry items upstairs. We will ensure there are two men to carry out the delivery if there is no lift at no extra charge. However, failure to provide the correct information may result in the truck turning back and the delivery having to be rescheduled at the customer’s cost

We need to know if there is a loading dock with time or height restrictions to ensure we send the correct size vehicle in the correct time frame. Failure to provide the correct information may result in the truck turning back and the delivery having to be rescheduled at the customer’s cost.

Our drivers/installers are not permitted to relocate/disassemble/assemble or dispose of any existing items which may be on site and which are not part of the new order. Any existing furniture/items which may be in the way or no longer required, must be moved out of the way before they arrive, to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Please ensure there is sufficient space for our installers to assemble the new furniture they have delivered so they can complete their task safely.

At Value Office Furniture we pride ourselves on doing our utmost to achieve the best outcome possible for each client. Working together with our customers by keeping  communication clear and concise will ensure that the delivery/assembly process is efficient and seamless.


Policy Developed:             November 14
Reviewed:                           July 16
Reviewed:                           July 18
Next Review:                      July 19

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