Our executive office furniture includes a diverse range suitable for the price conscious new start-up companies, all the way to more established and larger organisations.

Our executive furniture range includes the more classical designs to the latest ‘On Trend’ furniture in the latest colour schemes. We believe there’s something here for everyone, but if you’re looking for something in particular, or that special piece, then please contact us, we’d love to help.

Is it finally time to upgrade your office with executive office furniture so that your room fits the job title? On this page you’ll find a range of premium furniture that offers amazing value for money. We will also give you some pointers on how to choose the best furniture for your needs.

Consider factors such as price, build quality, type of furniture and durability. You’ll make an informed buying decision when evaluating each of these factors. However, before you move forward consider how the furniture will be used.

Buying factors to consider

How will you use your executive office furniture?

Visualize the space the furniture will sit in and how it will be used. You can come up with a logical list of requirements when you determine the details. Furthermore, you can figure out the types of furniture that’s required for your office. Do you need a full suite of furniture, or just an executive office chair and table? The more questions you can answer ensure you make the best buying decision on your first try.

Still not sure? Then give us a call on 1300 00 8258 and our customer service team can provide advice.

Types of furniture

We provide a large range of executive furniture types and it’s important to kit the entire room with quality pieces. Here are some furniture types most executive office buyers should consider:
Chairs: every office needs a chair and you need to take the buying process seriously for health reasons. The design must be ergonomic so that you can avoid long term injuries from prolonged use. Features such as adjustability, lumbar support and good quality foam cushioning are important. Also, executives should buy a chair that reflects their title – symbolically it’s an upgrade over what the majority of the office is using. It’s also a good idea to invest in a few good quality – similar visitor chairs for guests.
Table: Just like the chair, tables preferably should have a premium design since it’s another focal point of the office. Beautifully crafted timber, or modern quality laminates are common materials that are available a rich deep colours. Make sure the table is large enough to store everything you need and have extra space. You may want to place unforeseen extras and have space to work on documents in addition to the computer. Also, consider investing in an appropriately sized meeting table, so you have a less formal area of your office, where you can chat with visitors and employees.
Storage units: these can be desk drawers, filing cabinets, credenzas etc. Ideally the storage units should have the same kind of style as the table and chair. Consistency in the executive office room ensures that a professional image is created for your guests and clients.

Build quality

Most executive office furniture pieces cost more than the average furniture, which means you should expect better build quality. However, that isn’t always the case with some suppliers, so you should inspect the furniture thoroughly when it arrives. A good comprehensive warranty is a clear sign that the manufacturer has a lot of faith in their product. All our executive office furniture offers a solid, factory backed warranty for your peace of mind.
Solid timber and good quality melamines contribute to good durability that will stand the test of time. Make sure you buy office furniture that’s manufactured by some of the best components on the market.


You don’t have to break the bank to buy executive office furniture. Just take a look at the range we offer and you’ll find amazing pieces that ooze quality and are affordable. We can also give you a bulk rate if you need to buy larger quantities – just ask, we love to do a deal.

Make sure to budget for the entire office. It would be a shame if you spent the majority of the budget on the table, but leave little funds for the chair and storage units. Spread the budget evenly so that you can kit out your office optimally.


Q. What types of executive office furniture do you sell?

A. Our range includes tables, chairs, mobile drawer units, filing cabinets and bookcases. We encourage you to take a look at our range and you’ll be impressed by the choice. We are consistently updating our product range so visit regularly to keep up to date.

Q. What makes your executive office furniture stand out from the rest?

A. Our choices provide some of the best value for money on the market. You’ll be hard pressed to find better furniture at a lower price. Also, our service is customer centric, which means we take pride in going the extra mile to make sure you’re happy with the purchase and buying process.

Q. Is the quality of your products genuine?

A. Yes! Our furniture is manufactured from commercial quality components that is built to last. However, we provide a guarantee with your products so you can buy with peace of mind.

Q. Can you help me choose the best furniture for my office?

A. Give us a call and we can help out with the decision making process. Our experience and expertise means we know exactly what will work in your setting – even if you’re not sure.

Q. How do I know the furniture will fit in my office?

A. Take a look at the product description for dimensions, which you can use to determine if there is enough space for your office. Make sure to leave extra room for walking and other furniture since too much clutter is not the best approach. Use our 3D rendering service to get a preview of how the furniture will look on your property. There is no obligation to buy after using the service.

Why choose Value Office Furniture to buy your new executive office furniture?

We have worked hard to source the best executive office furniture at the best prices. We understand that businesses work to a budget, and usually have a long list of things to buy. Value for money means you can buy more, and don’t forget about our bulk rate bargains.

Take action and give us a call on 1300 00 8258 to start your buyer journey. We can help you make the right buying decision, and avoid buying the wrong furniture for your needs. Our friendly customer service staff have the experience to understand what you need.

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