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Shop Office Furniture Fortitude Valley

Are you shopping for office furniture in Fortitude Valley and need assistance? On this page you’ll find out why we are the number 1 online shop for office furniture in The Valley. Value Office Furniture has over 30 years’ worth of experience. Therefore, you can count on us to provide amazing service with each purchase.

We invite you to take a look around our website for more information about our huge range. You’ll see that we also offer discounts and promotions across our range of office furniture. Look around and you might spot your favorite furniture at a reduced price. We believe in rewarding customers for shopping with us, so you will find some excellent deals.

Finally, you can count on our helpline for assistance when making a buying choice. For example, it can be hard to decide between different colours or sizes. Our expertise and experience can be invaluable and help figure out the small details, so you get it right the first time. We want you to have a productive and easy shopping experience here at Value Office Furniture.

About Fortitude Valley

Fortitude Valley has a population of nearly 7,500 based on a 2020 census. It’s an inner-City suburb of Brisbane and it’s alongside the central business district. There are many offices in Fortitude Valley that we have served over the years, with great success. You can read our reviews and you’ll see a long list of satisfied customers, many from the Valley area.

Visit our showroom

Need help finding the office furniture that meets every requirement? Then consider visiting our showroom where you’ll be able to touch and feel our furniture range. You can physically inspect the office furniture to get a better idea of the quality. Also, choosing a colour in person can help if you’re having trouble online.

At the showroom don’t miss the opportunity to ask questions. Our talented customer service staff have the time of day to answer all the questions you ask. They provide the insight to make choices and help you understand the advantages of our office furniture. They can also accept your order and walk you through the entire shopping process.

You can visit one of our showrooms close by at Zillmere. QLD 4034. However, don’t forget to make an appointment before dropping in. It allows us to make the space available for your visit. We are sure you’ll have the confidence buy your office furniture by the end of your visit.

Why buy from Value Office Furniture?

Now let’s take a look at a few reasons why we are the best online office furniture shop in Fortitude Valley. The combination of competitive prices, attention to detail, high quality office furniture and a great reputation are the reasons you should buy from us. You’ll struggle to find a better deal elsewhere in the Brisbane area.

Why we are the top Fortitude Valley online office furniture store:

Reputation: Over the three decades of experience in commercial office furniture we have built a huge list of satisfied clients. You can read our reviews online and you’ll be impressed with the overwhelming support. Our aim is to continue serving each customer with the highest quality on every order.
We have a reputation within the industry that is the envy of our competitors, and our goal is to stay number 1.

Variety: There is no shortage of choice on our online store. Navigate through the different categories and you’ll find everything that’s needed to complete a modern office space. We have everything from whiteboards to executive office chairs. You will also love the metal storage furniture that can help you organize your office space.

Customer service: We’re constantly improving our customer service and welcome all feedback. The goal of our customer service department is to assist in buying decisions and educate you about our product range. With their help you can make the right buying choice right away.

High quality: The office furniture in our store is second to none. We strike the right balance between affordability and high quality. You’ll be pleased with the durability and modern design of our office furniture pieces.

The advantages of shopping at Value Office Furniture as described above, is just the tip of the iceberg. Place an order of your own to see what we are all about. Our customers come first and you’ll notice that from the first interaction.

Contact us

You can pick up the phone and give us a call at 1300 00 8258 for more information about our service. Our customer service team are ready to take your call and inform you about our products. They can help you make the most of your budget and provide great recommendations.

You can also send us an email at [email protected] if you want to ask questions in written form. We strive to answer your queries within a couple of hours, but it depends on the volume of emails we have received at the time.


Question: Do you sell home office furniture?

Answer: Most of our office furniture is also suitable for the home. For example, if you need a computer desk or ergonomic office chair for your home, then you can buy it from our store. We deliver to homes across Fortitude Valley and the Brisbane area. You can assemble the office furniture yourself, or our handy delivery people can do it for you for a competitive fee, and they’ll take away all the packaging with them.

Question: How should I buy the right desk chair?

Answer: You can buy a desk chair based on your desk size. Height-adjustable ergonomic chairs are the best because they allow you to get the right height for the desk. Also, ergonomic features like lumbar support and good quality seat foams should be included, so that enables you to feel comfortable while working.

Question: How fast is your office furniture delivery to the Bowen Hills area?

Answer: We have one of the most reliable office furniture delivery services in Brisbane. We always strive to deliver on-time - within 1-3 business days to the Fortitude Valley and Bowen Hills areas. However, if there is an issue with the delivery for any reason, then we will inform you in a timely manner. Also, there is an assembly service in the Bowen Hills and Valley areas that can help you setup the furniture in your office quickly and efficiently. For a competitive fee, we will setup as much furniture as you need. Therefore, you can get on with the rest of your day straight after accepting your delivery.

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