Heavy Duty Chair Mat




Heavy Duty Chair Mat

  • Protect your carpets and chair castors from wear and damage
  • Available in 4 options, large and small, smooth (for use on hard floors) or dimpled (for use on carpets)
  • **Not suitable for deep pile (residential style) carpets, or carpets with underlay
  • 5 year warranty
  • Prices include GST

Size options:

  • Small dimpled 1200mm x 915mm (3mm long dimples for use on carpets)
  • Small smooth 1200mm x 915mm (smooth – for use on hard floors)
  • Large dimpled 1350mm x 1150mm (3mm long dimples for use on carpets)
  • Large smooth 1350mm x 1150mm (smooth – for use on hard floors)
  • **Consider using soft wheel – non-marking brake castors instead of smooth chair mats. These castors are ideal for use on hard floors – such as concrete or tiles and particularly vinyl and timber floors as they will not mark or damage the floor surface. Click here for more information

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