office desk and chairs

Are you interested in buying office furniture in Melbourne, but don’t want to make a mistake? It’s easy to buy the wrong furniture if you don’t research, are not informed and are not sure exactly what you need. For example, you may buy furniture that’s the wrong colour scheme or the incorrect size.

In this blog, we will share the top 3 mistakes to avoid when buying office chairs, tables and other furniture that may be on your list. The commonly made mistakes are easy to avoid with the right preparation.

Mistake 1: Lack of clarity about what you need

It’s important to determine the specifics about what you need for your Melbourne office. Here is a list to make before you go shopping:

  • Size: figure out the sizing and dimension requirements for all furniture. For example, how much space do you have for tables and chairs. Buying furniture that’s too big may not fit or lead to congestion on your office space floor.
  • Number of items: don’t be vague about how many pieces you need for each space. Not buying enough pieces means you’ll need to place another order. Therefore, you may have to wait and incur more delivery costs.
  • Style: think about the style of furniture and interior décor in your office. Buy office furniture that matches or compliments what you already have in your office. It’s especially important if customers or visitors enter your office area regularly. Create a professional setting that gives them a reason to respect your business.

Consider browsing our office furniture online store for ideas if you’re stuck. Browsing through the different office furniture ranges may help you decide the items you require to complete your office space.

Mistake 2: Ignoring ergonomics and comfort

Are price and visual aesthetics the only factors you consider when buying furniture? That’s a recipe for disaster since you’re missing a few key elements. People will probably need to use the furniture daily for long hours at a time. Therefore, the furniture must be practical so your employees enjoy coming to work, and don’t go home with aches and pains.

Ergonomics is one of the primary considerations when buying chairs and desks. Chairs should have a combination of good lumbar support, good adjustablility – so you can get your seat and back in the correct position for your body shape, and also arm rests should be a consideration. It allows every user to have the correct posture while working at their desk. Office workers that must be at their desk 8 hours per day require good ergonomics to help avoid injury. The ergonomic features of office furniture can range significantly. Take a look at our product descriptions for information about what ergonomic features to expect.

Comfort is another factor that can be overlooked when the price is top-of-mind.  Employees will be more productive and relaxed when the office furniture is comfortable. For example, there must be enough desk space for the worker to avoid feeling cramped. Ask your employees about how much space they need and buy the right office desks.

Mistake 3: Getting a bad deal

With so much choice online it’s easier now than ever before to get a good deal on office furniture in Melbourne. Look out for sales that provide sizeable discounts on office furniture that you need. Online stores like ours have relatively low overheads, which means you’ll see reduced prices frequently.

Spend time browsing around to see all available options before pushing the buy button. You can usually find cheaper versions of the same furniture that you need if you spend a bit more time looking.

Need to buy several office chairs or tables in one order? Then take advantage of bulk pricing to get a better deal for each unit. Contact our customer service team for information about what deals we can offer for your order. We offer some of the best quality and best prices in office furniture in Melbourne.


Q. Can you help me avoid common furniture buying mistakes?

A. Yes! You can get in touch with our customer service department for help overcoming buying decisions. Our employees are experts when it comes to office furniture since they have dealt with all sorts of questions and queries. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that are affecting your decision.

Q. I made a mistake with an order, what can I do?

A. It’s not a problem because we understand that mistakes can be made during the buying process – particularly when buying online. You can get a refund or replace the furniture for other alternative units. However, you need to send the items back within the specified returns date. Please see our returns policy for full details.

Q. How do I avoid running out of budget?

A. It’s important to check every item of your office furniture list before you run out of budget. We can help you make smart buying decisions so you stay under budget. Through a combination of discounts, affordable furniture and our advice, you’ll make a smart purchase.