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Your office doesn’t have to be out of date just because some of your furniture is! Fitting out an office from scratch can be a lot to take on, and if you would rather update around what you have, that’s fair. Likewise, you don’t have to start from scratch, but some changes must be made to make an empty space into your dream work area.

These are some of the ways to work with older office furniture and still change the look of your office!

1. Use Paint and Art to Lift the Feeling of the Room

The way your office feels depends on more than just the furniture you’ve put into it.  It’s important that you also take the time to update the area around your furniture.  This means things like a clear acrylic personal protective shield can be far more attractive than hanging a see-through screen or updating the paint and colours of the room itself.  Adding art to your walls and updating the paint can allow for the entire office to feel brand new, even if you want to keep the same furniture.

Covid-19 guard2. Get Rid of Clutter and Mess

Clutter and mess is the quickest way to make an office feel outdated.  The best way to take care of this is to get good filing cabinets that offer security for your paperwork and a fresh look for your office.  The addition of a stylish Carine three drawer filing cabinet will allow your entire space to look new and exciting while allowing you to keep your older office furniture in place.

Carine Executive Drawer Unit

3. Pair it With the Right Details

If you’re not ready to update your furniture: consider pairing it with the right items that will allow your office to glow.  This can be things like a vertical summer garden, which allows your office to look fresh and new without any major overhauls.  Other changes you can make are a new pinboard, some new dividers that will enable employees to feel like they’re working in their bubble, or even new lighting to make the entire space feel fresh.  These updates will allow you to keep your furniture while making visible changes to update the whole room.

6 Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Pinable Acoustic Tiles

6 Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Pinable Acoustic Tiles

4. Understand the Best Layout for Your Office

Your office needs a layout that allows your workers to navigate it easily and get back to their desks.  Although open-office arrangements have been popular in the past, many studies show that these aren’t the best way to encourage workers to work: and many workers have stepped forward to say it’s their least favourite kind of workspace.  It leaves people distracted and can annoy people who would rather interact as little as possible while they’re focusing on the things on hand. So instead, focus on giving everyone their own space and allowing a clear pathway between office desks that won’t distract those sitting at them.


5. Check the Current Quality of Your Furniture

Why are you deciding to keep your older office furniture?  If it’s because you want to save money: it’s important to remember that if the furniture breaks or is older, you won’t be saving any money if you have to pay for a last-minute replacement.  Please take a close look at the quality of every piece you have and ensure that it’s safe for your workers to use, and is safe and comfortable.  The quality may be easier to see if the piece is cleaned. So don’t be afraid to take this time to deep clean your furniture while you’re at it.

6. Sand and Paint or Stain Old Wooden Furniture

If your furniture is older, and you love the bones of it but just want to change the look, you can update almost any old desk or table with a stain or a coat of paint.  Consider combining colours, like white and light wood, to get a desk that looks like a Seychelles corner workstation, or a dark wood and a warmer wood to get something that looks closer to a Corporate corner workstation.  If you feel like this is beyond your abilities, it may be a good idea to sell or donate your older furniture and buy something new that suits the style you’re looking for.

Corporate Corner Workstation, Hutch, Mobile Drawer and Chair Package7. Get to Know What’s In Style Right Now

Consider what’s currently in style!  Luckily, styles are cyclical, so some of your older office furniture may be coming in for a revival sometime soon!  In-office furniture, most desks, chairs, and tables are made of smooth lines and simple colour schemes.  Items like the Smart 2-Way inline desk pod show off this look while offering the chance to refresh your office’s look completely.

2 desk pod

Smart Screen Hung Desk Tops, 2 Desks Inline, Blue Screens

8. Clean And Add Sheer Curtains Over Windows

Main offices need more natural light to allow workers to feel fully aware during their time on the job.  Unfortunately, direct sunlight can cause glare and can be harsh on the eyes.  While you’re looking at what office furniture Sydney has to offer, consider taking an extra step and deep cleaning your windows and dressing them to be easier on the eyes.  Blocking windows out entirely can make an office seem smaller and take away the charm; instead, use a sheer curtain to allow the light through and brighten your office naturally.

9. Ask Your Office Workers What They Want

The best way to make your office look more stylish despite older furniture is to ask your workers what they’re looking for in an office!  Employees know what aesthetics they’d like best and what pieces of furniture or interesting additions can add utility to an office that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.  Talk to your employees about what they want and use them as your think-tank to allow your office to flourish in the future.

Older Office Furniture Doesn’t Mean Your Office Has to be Out of Date.

Just because some of your office furniture is outdated doesn’t mean the rest of your office has to be.  Take the time to follow some of the previous tips, consider what changes would work best for your situation, and create an office your employees will be proud to work in.