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Every business and office is unique, filled with its team of people working towards a shared goal: but almost every company has the same needs. A healthy and well-managed office gives your employees the chance to shine and keeps them happy and willing to work harder to help the business succeed. Of course, every office needs some obvious things, like desks and chairs, but these seven supplies help push it further.


Screen Dividers

Privacy can allow workers to flourish.  The ability to block out distractions and focus solely on their screens empowers employees to get more work done and feel more secure in their environment.  Unfortunately, it’s prohibitively expensive to get each employee their own office; luckily, there are options.

Screen dividers improve the perception of personal space, give employees spots to hang up important information, and improve worker morale.  Although cubicles have a terrible reputation, they improve workflow over the trendy open-office design that hit tech businesses in the last ten years.  Workers like to know they have their own space.  This empowers them to work singularly and still feel part of the team.

Pronto Portable Screen Divider

Pronto Portable Acoustic Screen Divider, Grey Fabric

Cable Management Supplies

Poor cable management can topple a business.  As vital as large office furniture and these other office furniture accessories are: how your cables are managed says a lot about your business.  From mobile cable management for adjustable standing-sitting combination desks to power rails and ties that can keep your desks clear and operated, this is mostly about reducing clutter and increasing your employees’ ability to ignore these cables.  For businesses that need their employees to have a mobile handy, wireless chargers can take this even further and help them live without the clutter and visual annoyance of endless cables.

Cable Management Supplies

Cable Management Supplies

Whiteboards and Pinboards

Clarity and repetition are vital to keeping a team’s mind on their goals.  Whiteboards have quickly become a necessity in offices in the last thirty years.  Not only do they give you the chance to write as large or as small as needed to get your point across, but they’re also instantly changeable, can be used as projection screen backdrops, and don’t put off dusk-like chalkboards.  Whiteboards can be changed and set up to suit any business.

Pinboards are arguably just as customisable and can be decorated and partitioned off to manage different parts of the business.  Pin Boards are better when there are significant bits of information that get changed out once a month or less often.  You can put up vital information for employees to use as a reference or even show off which employees are doing the best and have as much flair as you’d like.

portable whiteboard

Murray Standard Mobile Pivoting White Board

Monitor Arms For Ease And Comfort

The workday has its highs and lows regardless of what type of business you’re in.  To aid employees irrespective of what mood they’re in, adjustable monitor arms give them the chance to move around, stand up, or tilt their monitor to show coworkers.  This mobility may seem like an obvious choice, but many overlook it!

Workers can change their monitors’ angles to what feels like the most comfortable angle for themselves while making the office look more sleek and modern.  As an added perk, this also increases office desk space and will help protect the monitor and its wires if anything gets spilled.

Fluid Dual Monitor Arm, Black

Fluid Dual Monitor Arm, Black


Acoustic Supplies

Anyone who’s ever stepped into a call centre knows how loud it can get.  Although your business may not be a call centre, employees and customers deserve the privacy and focus that can come with sound dampening.  This means screens covered in thick sound-absorbing fabric and possibly even entire walls that help absorb the sound around them.

Fewer distractions pulling them away from work will allow your employees to give you the best result possible while empowering them to focus and understand what they’re doing.

Regardless of your office layout, these can be implemented in a way that will work with your office furniture while also aiding your employees. For example, they can be designed to look like an art wall or be a simple grey so that the eye skips over them with ease. Whichever you pick, it’ll improve employee and customer relations instantly.

office furniture

Office Furniture

Mobility Accessories

If your office gets rearranged often, or you want your employees to have the chance to change the orientation of their Sydney office furniture quickly: you’ll need mobility accessories.  This can range from wheels to the bottom of the desk legs to adjustable desk leg add-ons that allow you to convert a sitting desk to a standing desk with ease.

Mobility accessories are easy to overlook because they’re simple and easy to use, and that’s part of the beauty of them.  You can make it so that a whiteboard goes from office to office or empower your call-floor to change its layout in the most straightforward fashion possible.  These are the unsung heroes of the office space.

Wood Drawers

Primo Mobile Drawer Unit, 2 Personal + 1 Deep File Drawer. Drawers Open

Health and Safety Accessories

Long before 2020, Australian offices were in a health crisis.  Ignoring sanitation laws and deciding to focus solely on what makes an office work harder is missing the point.  If the office space is unclean or unhygienic, you leave your employees open to the risk of getting sick or possibly getting physically harmed.

This is avoidable, though!

Having a sanitation station where your employees can get hand sanitiser and wipes to clean down their office area is a great start! Cough shields between desks during times where an infection is a risk are also a fantastic tool to keep your employees safe.  Of course, you don’t want them to get sick because it could hurt productivity, but you should also want your employees to be safe and healthy.  This shows that you respect them and enjoy the best for them, and your employees will recognise that and do everything they can to prove they can do the best possible job for your business.

Sanitizer dispenser

Sanitizer dispenser


In At the end, we all know an essential part of any office is the employees.  If you have these accessories in places, they’ll feel valued and respected and will do the best work they can.