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Last updated on June 21st, 2023

Prior to 1976, most office chairs were very uncomfortable. They were bulky, hard and not designed for comfort in any way, shape or form. In 1976, everything changed. Herman Miller designer Bill Stumpf, created the Ergon Chair and so began a revolution in office seating. Suddenly everyone wanted a chair designed with comfort in mind. Manufacturers and designers jumped on board and a wide variety of ‘ergonomic’ chairs soon became available. These chairs, while comfortable, were still large and bulky and sometimes quite tricky to operate. The best was yet to come.

In 1994 everything changed again. The Aeron Mesh Chair was launched. Retailing at over $1000 in those days, they quickly became a status symbol and were very popular with tech companies in Silicon Valley, who bought them in droves for their tech designers. Due to its high cost, however, the Aeron never became a mainstream product, but it was certainly the forerunner for many others.

Today we know that sitting for long periods of time is very unhealthy and whilst chairs are designed for comfort and support, it is recommended that we alternate between sitting and standing during our working day. We still need a high quality, ergonomic chair for the times we are seated and at Value Office Furniture, we have some prime examples of ergonomic mesh back chairs which we would like to share today.

1. Summit Promesh Heavy Duty High Back Office Chair

Our bestselling mesh back office chair is the Summit Promesh Heavy Duty High Back Office Chair. This chair comes with a 10 year warranty and sports an AFRDI Level 6 Certificate. AFRDI is an independent testing body which puts chairs through a rigorous set of tests to determine its durability and strength. A Level 6 Certificate is the highest grading which can be received in Australia and signifies to buyers that this chair is exceptional, and offers commercial grade quality. The Summit also has the following perks – a seat slide mechanism which accommodates taller users, full lumbar support and a height adjustable back.

2. Tonic Promesh Medium Back Heavy Duty Ergonomic Office Chair

Another excellent mesh back chair offering outstanding lumbar support, is the Tonic Promesh Medium Back Heavy Duty Ergonomic Office Chair. It is also available in a High Back version. This chair also has extra thick dual density moulded seat foam for added comfort and support. It boasts an AFRDI Level 6 Certificate, a 7 year warranty and has optional height adjustable arms which can be ordered separately.

3. Balance Promesh High Back Chair

The third mesh back office chair we would like to highlight is the Balance Promesh High Back Chair. This chair has a heavy duty construction and a weight rating of 135kg. It also offers its user the following features – gas lift, synchro multi position tilt lock mechanism, adjustable lumbar support and tension control. In addition, you can order a headrest with an integrated coat hanger. Not to be missed!

4. Conchita Promesh High Back Chair

The Conchita Promesh High Back Chair is a prime example of outstanding design married seamlessly with functionality and comfort. This chair is unique in looks but does not compromise on ergonomic accountability. Its features include an extra-large seat, gas lift with weight sensitive synchro multi position tilt lock mechanism, seat slide mechanism – seat slides forward, more comfortable for taller users, ratchet height adjustable back and adjustable lumbar support. It ticks all the boxes and must be on the list of anyone looking for a truly beautiful, ergonomic mesh back chair.

5. Stella Promesh High Back Chair

Another mesh back office chair with lumbar support we would like to discuss, is the Stella Promesh High Back Chair. With its light grey frame and matching light grey spider base, this chair looks very different to your run-of-the-mill office chair, but carries all the perks of ergonomic chairs many times more expensive.
The Stella has all the ergonomic features needed to ensure comfort and support during the working day, including the all-important lumbar support. It also carries a full 10 year warranty and is BIFMA and Greenguard certified.

6. Breathe Pro High Back Office Chair

If you are looking for a chair which ticks all the ergonomic boxes, has a mesh back and can inject some colour and fun into your workspace, then you cannot go past the Breathe Pro High Back Office Chair. This chair is available in Red, Orange, Green, Blue and of course, the old standby, Black. The seats are upholstered in fabric to match the colour of the mesh back, providing a beautiful pop of colour which will brighten up any space. Despite flaunting its good looks though, the Breath has some serious ergonomic cred! Features include gas lift, synchro multi position tilt lock mechanism, auto tension control – automatically adjusts according to the user’s weight and height adjustable lumbar support. What more could you ask for? All boxes ticked in one fantastic chair!

7. Tidal Heavy Duty High Mesh Back Ergonomic Office Chair

And now on to the best of the best. We have kept the most exciting mesh chair on our website for last! If you are looking for a mesh back chair with real kudos, look no further than the Tidal Heavy Duty High Mesh Back Ergonomic Office Chair. This chair boasts a raft of certifications including the sought-after Australian Made Logo, which is only awarded to chairs which are wholly produced in this country. The Tidal also has an AFRDI Level 6 Certification, is Greenguard certified and is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. The chair is 98% recyclable and carries a full 10 year warranty. Need we even mention its many features which include a fully ergonomic 3 lever mechanism, gas lift with independent back and seat tilt (free float or lock in place), adjustable weight tension control knob, ratchet height adjustable back, large extra wide seat in high density moulded foam, large back rest in high density moulded foam and a seat slide – ideal for taller users.

We trust you have found this article interesting and informative. If you have any questions or would like more information on any of our Mesh Back Chairs, please give us a quick call on 1300 008 358 or email as – [email protected]