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Are you looking for new office desks but don’t want to spend more than $500? When buying from the top online store you can find high quality office desks and a home office desk without spending a fortune. Buying the right office desk enables you to complete work productively and add to the interior décor of your office space.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about the top office desks that you can buy in Australia and how to choose one that meets your needs. We hope that by the time you finish reading you have a much better idea of the perfect office desk for your home or commercial office space

How to choose an office desk

To arrive at an office desk that adds value to your work environment you need to consider various factors and they are as follows:

  • Price: choose an office desk that doesn’t cripple your budget, so you can buy other office furniture. You can find units well below $500, so you can buy other office furniture such as ergonomic chairs and storage units. Here at Value Office Furniture, you’ll find a huge range and some of the most cost-effective office furniture on the market.
  • Size: the desk should be big enough to store all of your equipment and offer enough space for unforeseen items. Therefore, you can be organised and avoid running out of space on your office desk.
  • Style: think about the environment your office desk will occupy. Choose a design that complements other office furniture and that of your interior décor. It’s especially important if you want to entertain clients in your office where setting a professional appearance is vital.

These are just a few of the main considerations to make when buying a new office desk. You’ll also need to consider factors such as durability, material type, warranty, cable management, and height.

Top office desks under $500

In this section, you’ll learn about specific desks that you can buy today for under $500. The affordable price doesn’t mean that the quality is sacrificed in any way. In fact, they compete very well with pricier office desks on other websites.

Edge Corner Workstation

This model is dark charcoal and white corner desk that is practical and very reasonably priced. The modern contemporary colour design means that it will go with most interior decor styles. It has a modern design that’s perfect for offices that are looking to upgrade.

The corner desk design is perfect when you need to place it in an awkward location where other tables might not fit. Also, it’s practical for working since you can fit a lot without getting disorganised. We have many size options so you can choose a suitable office desk for the intended space. If you’re having trouble picking the right size, then you can give us a call for help with making the right choice.

The angled keyboard area helps for sitting ergonomically while working at the computer. The space is designed for any keyboard on the market and will help your hands feel more comfortable when typing. It’s an innovative feature that most other office desks and office tables lack.

Edge Corner WorkstationMove Height Adjustable Desktop Stand

This option isn’t technically an office desk but can be used with your current office desk or one you might like to buy from our store. Here you have a height-adjustable desk stand, which can hold your computer and peripherals above desk height.

Working in the standing up position has numerous proven health benefits for your body. You’ll have a reduced chance of developing back pain and general aches and pains, and you can move your body around while working. It increases the blood flow and improves posture.

As a result of these benefits, you’ll get more done from a productivity boost. That’s because you’ll have an easier time working for longer periods. You don’t need to stand all the time to get the benefits either. For example, easily alternate between positions every few hours to get the best of both worlds – sitting and standing.

5 Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

Smart Select Desk

This unit offers you plenty of space to get work done and store other items. You can choose between natural oak and white, but both are suitable for any office as they blend into the background. It’s a sturdy desk that will stand the test of time, and you get a long 5 year warranty for your peace of mind.

You also have a choice of sizes, which is great as you can choose based on your requirements. You may need more space than you think so choose carefully. However, selecting a size that’s too large for your office is counterproductive since it leads to an unpleasant and cramped environment.

The assembly of the desk is simple with the instructions provided. Or, you can also take advantage of our assembly service, which costs just $50 for your entire order. We’ll even take all the packaging away with us.

Smart Select Desk, Natural Oak Desk Top, Satin White Under FrameEdge P End Conference Desk

This office desk is great for casual in-office conferences and meetings but is also practical for the home office too. The large circular ‘P End’ of the desk-top provides plenty of storage space and easy access from all directions.

It can also double as a large and productive office desk for everyday work if you need extra space. You have the freedom to choose if the circular end will be on the left or right-hand side when seated. Also, you have a choice of different office drawer and storage options based on your needs, so it’s a very functional desk that can fit a range of roles.

However, playing around with the options may increase the price above $500, so make sure that you have the budget for this premium style office desk. The modern colour design looks elegant and worthy of the most modern commercial or home office space.

Edge P End Conference Office DeskModular Desk

This model is a small table that’s great for laptop work. The small size allows it to fit easily into tight spaces and everything is within arm’s reach. It’s the perfect choice if you don’t need much more than a laptop and a notepad on your table.

Modular Desk Top Mount Screen Divider

Modular Desk Mount Desk Divider

You can choose various sizes and the two desk top material colours are beech and white. The construction is very sturdy and you get a full 5 year factory backed warranty that is very comprehensive. It’s the perfect desk if you’re looking to upgrade your office.

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