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Last updated on May 16th, 2023

Living as the most populated city in Australia, Sydney is also home to more businesses that can be counted: which means it’s vital to make your company stand out against the others. Meeting rooms are a great place to show both clients and employees how seriously the company takes what it does and how much it cares about the people in it.

Here’s The List of 7 Best Meeting Room Chairs For Your Sydney Office:

  1. The Liberty Chair
  2. The Sussex Chair
  3. Chase Meeting Room Chairs
  4. The Buchan Chair
  5. The Liam Executive Chair
  6. The Brighton Meeting Room Chairs
  7. The Swan Medium Back Chair

These meeting room chairs each have their perks, their personality, and their comfort levels. If you want your company to be taken seriously, one of these chairs is the perfect chair for you.


1. The Liberty Chair – $185

Affordability: Very affordable.

Best Perk: their sleek and modern appearance.

If you run a technology company or a business that’s focused on showing that it’s future-minded: the liberty chair could be the one to go for! This is one of the best office chairs Sydney has to offer, with four solid attached legs and a sleek curving seat. These chairs come in a sleek black or timber finish, and the seats come in either black or white. Firm, easy to clean, and comfortable: these chairs are for a company that knows what it wants and gets straight to the point.

The Liberty Chair

The Liberty Chair


Seat Colour Black, White
Warranty 3 Years
Weight Rating 120Kg


2. The Sussex Chair -$136

Affordability: extremely affordable.

Best Perk: the comfortable soft seat.

The oak-timber legs of this chair will catch your eye, and its soft cushion will settle you in for comfort at the beginning of every meeting. These chairs are similar to the liberty chair, yet with a touch of softness. These chairs allow for a touch of luxury while keeping the sleek and well-designed look that most people are looking for. These are great for businesses that want to show they take care of those they work for.

Virgo Chair, Black

Sussex Chair, Black Shell with Grey Upholstered Seat Pad


Chair Colour Black with Grey cushion, Grey with Black cushion
Warranty 3 Years
Weight Rating 110Kg


3. Chase Meeting Room Chairs – $458

Affordability: an investment in your employees.

Best Perk: the comfortable backing and armrests.

With their classic shape, soft seat, and backing, the chase meeting room chairs are some of the most comfortable ones you can find. Man-made leather seating and silky alloy arms ensure that your employees will be comfortable through any meeting and impress any clients who visit the offices. These seats can be found in mesh and multiple man-made leather options, making them able to become custom to your business. The mesh backing is fantastic for those hot summer days, while the soft leather is easy to sink into when getting ready for a long meeting.

Volt-BL Chair

Volt-BL Chair


Warranty 5 Years
Weight Rating 130Kg


4. The Buchan Chair – $127

Affordability: Very affordable.

Best Perk: the modern and sleek look.

If your company doesn’t have many clients visiting, you have multiple employee meetings in a multi-use space: these chairs will be a perfect fit. The Buchan chairs are stackable, comfortable, hard-seat chairs that have a flair for style and fun. Coming in either black or white, these seats are not only extremely affordable but also very functional. If your meeting space is a room that has to be used for production or isn’t a meeting room every day of the week, you can easily move these seats aside and stack them elsewhere until they’re needed.

These seats can also be useful if your business is a start-up and you’re trying to build revenue before you start investing in your business. They’re very affordable, and their appearance won’t steal attention away from whatever business you’re trying to complete.

Buchan Chair

Buchan Chairs Stacked


Colour Black, White
Weight Rating 110Kg
Warranty 3 Years


5. The Liam Executive Chair – $363

Affordability: affordable for this level of comfort.

Best Perk: the plush and soft seat that makes meetings easier to sit through.

Liam chairs are well-known for their comfort and ability to be moved around office spaces. Wheels at the end of their legs ensure that those using them can easily slide their legs comfortably under a table, while their padded backs and seats provide that the sensation of sitting in them is like sitting in a desk chair. These meeting room chairs are more comfortable than many others and will impress any clients you bring into your office. They show that you care about those that come into your company while still looking business-minded and well-thought-out.


The Liam Executive Chair


Chair Back Colour Black, Silver
Weight Rating 120Kg
Warranty 10 Years



6. The Brighton Meeting Room Chairs – $337

Affordability: marginally affordable.

Best Perk: the breathable backs and sleek chrome accents.

Like the Liam chairs, the Brighton meeting room chairs also have wheels for functionality. However, these are less expensive and offer a different kind of comfort. Sleek chrome-colored details slide up into a mesh seat and back to allow breathability and comfort. These are the perfect chairs for when summers get a little too out of control, yet business carries on.

These are fantastic office chairs for companies with multiple meetings every week because they ensure long-term comfort while still not taking up a lot of space. Their very angular form and mesh back together create something visually interesting while also fitting perfectly into an office space.

The Brighton Meeting Room Chairs

The Brighton Meeting Room Chairs


Weight Rating 120Kg
Warranty 5 Years


7. The Swan Medium Back Chair – $272

Affordability: affordable for most!

Best Perk: simple and sleek appearance.

Sleek and true to its name: Swan chairs are nice to look at! A solid cushioned back leads down into a plush and comfortable seat that will make people look forward to meetings. Man-made leather is easy to clean, and the multiple tilting and adjustable locks on the bottom allow the users to create their own experience.

These seats come in only a sleek black colour, with five wheels on the bottom to allow people to have full mobility while using them. In addition, the comfortable armrest sets these chairs apart from many others, allowing people to fully relax and feel mentally prepared for whatever meeting is waiting ahead of them.

Swan Medium Back Chair

Swan Medium Back Chair


Weight Rating 120Kg
Warranty 5 Years

The Chairs You Use Say A Lot About Your Business

Whether you’re a new business trying to prove your place in the business world, or your company has been going for a hundred years, you want to show you take care of those who work for it: your meeting room seats will tell that story. Look for something that suits your employee and client needs while also showing off some of the company’s personality, and you won’t be disappointed.

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