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Are you in the market for a modern and stylish office chair, but don’t know which one to buy? In this blog post you’ll learn about the best type of office chairs for your Brisbane office. We have considered a variety of factors when creating our top 5 list such as style, comfort, ergonomic features and price.

You can’t go wrong by selecting any of the chairs on this page as they all offer a luxurious sitting experience. They are highly rated by customers and will add value to your Brisbane office. However, if you can’t find a suitable model, then check out our ‘Office Chairs’ page for alternatives that match your requirements.

1. Executive Office Chairs

When buying office furniture for an executive space it makes sense to look at the executive chairs category. You’ll notice an extra level of class and detail in these chairs that are designed to impress. The majority of executive chair designs are black, but you’ll also notice a few coloured fabric options if you have a different interior décor philosophy.
If you’re looking for something specific, please just call our customer service team, we’ll always try our best to source whatever you’re looking for.

When buying any office chairs, it’s always a good idea to look out for the AFRDI logo, which indicates the chair is ergonomically designed, and well made. Getting the logo is no easy task for manufacturers so you can trust there is a minimum quality standard that’s dependable. Also, AFRDI chairs are built to last, which is what you want out of a pricey executive office chair.

Here at Value Office Furniture we sell a variety of industry-leading executive chairs at competitive prices. You’ll love the quality of the materials and attention to detail of each chair that we have in stock.

YS444 Tristar

2. Meeting Room Chairs

As the name implies these chairs are great for meetings with clients or between employees. Every office needs meeting room chairs and conference chairs to be functional and here are a few traits of those units:

  • Small: most meeting room office chairs are relatively compact, which is great if you want to fit the most amount of people around one meeting room table. The small size means they are easy to transport so you can set up a meeting at various spots around the office quickly. They can also be stored away easily too after a meeting has finished.
  • Not ergonomic: keep in mind that these chairs are not generally not as ergonomically designed for the most part. That’s because they are designed for shorter to medium length meetings and not working for long-hours on a daily basis at a computer. Therefore, using a meeting room chair as the primary unit for daily work is not a good idea.
  • Affordable: you can buy cheaper meeting room chairs in bulk to fill up an office. They are sturdy too, which means they will last for a long time.

Overall, meeting room chairs are practical since they can be used for various situations. Use them in the mess room for lunch breaks or provide seating for a presentation room, or training room space.


3. Mesh Back Chairs

You may have noticed the mesh back chairs on our website that have a cool visual design. They add class to a modern office. If you are looking to design a modern office that wants to impress potential customers, then mesh back chairs are a good choice.

Another advantage of mesh back office chairs is the ventilation they provide. The holes allow heat and moisture to be dissipated into the surroundings. Therefore, on a hot day the person sitting will not have a sticky feeling while sitting on the chair.

Mesh chairs are also easy to clean, which is great for your maintenance team. Simply wiping with a damp soapy cloth gets the job done in most cases. There is no need for expensive cleaning products or replacing mesh chairs away because they have become too dirty.

Most mesh chairs have good back support because the mesh contours to the back, some also have adjustable lumbar supports, however, it depends on the specific model, so take a close look at the pictures to determine if the shape is a good match for you.

Black mesh meeting chair

4. Over 150Kg User Weight Rating

Buying from the 150Kg user weight rating category ensures you get the most durable models on the market. They are designed to effortlessly accommodate office workers over 150Kg so they don’t have to worry about the chair breaking, or wearing out.

When buying these chairs look at the weight rating in the description. Some have a maximum allowed weight of 150Kg while others go up to 200Kg. You’ll also notice that these chairs are bigger in size, which adds to the comfort while working in the office.

Computer Chair

5. Reception Chairs and Lounges

Are you looking for modern and stylish office chairs for your visitors in the reception or other parts of your office? Then buy chairs and lounges, or sofas specifically designed to impress your visitors and guests. Here are a few characteristics of these office chair types:

  • Stylish: you’ll notice that the visual design of reception chairs and lounges is impressive. Potential customers and visitors alike, will be impressed if these are the first type of soft furnishings that they notice in your reception area. The quality of the fabric and attractive curvy design is visually appealing and goes with most interior décor styles.
  • Comfortable: the soft fabrics and leather used to manufacture these office furniture pieces mean they are comfortable to sit on. Your reception guests will not mind waiting a few extra minutes when they’re sitting on these comfortable chairs and sofas. However, some of the more comfortable units do take up quite a bit of room such as the lounge chairs.
  • Pricey: you’ll notice that the price of reception chairs are more expensive than regular types of seating. Therefore it’s a bigger investment, but well worth it when you consider the advantages discussed above.

Red chesterfield lounge

The reception area is usually the first room new clients and visitors enter, so it’s effectively the first impression of your business. Adding good quality and attractive reception chairs creates an impressive atmosphere and a great seating experience while waiting.