Super Heavy Duty Vertical Filing Cabinet Colours - Silver Grey, Graphite Ripple, White and Black Ripple

Last updated on May 16th, 2023

Filing cabinets are one of the oldest pieces of office decor.  They’re there to protect sensitive documents, reduce clutter, and give your office the professional look it deserves.


If you’re unsure what type of filing cabinet you need, these are five of the main types to consider and why they’re so prevalent!

  1. Two-Drawer Locking Cabinets
  2. Drawer Sets For Aesthetics
  3. Lateral Drawer Filing Cabinets
  4. Electronic Push Button Heavy Duty Cabinets
  5. Beautiful Timber Grain Filing Cabinets


1. Two-Drawer Locking Cabinets

One of Melbourne’s most basic types of office furniture is two-drawer locking filing cabinets that allow your business to store documents out of reach and sight safely.  Many offices choose these types of cabinets as desk accessories for their workers so that their desks don’t end up covered in papers, and they have a space to lock away their personal belongings.



Drawer Size 705mm high x 900mm wide x 473mm deep
Warranty 10 year
Rating 9.5 (Reevoo)
Prices $569.00 including GST


Some of these do come with wheels, but not necessarily.  If your office gets these locked drawers, it’s a good idea to keep spare keys of every filing cabinet somewhere safe so that any lost keys can be located, or if an employee quits, you don’t have to try and get new keys made.  This also allows you to get duplicate keys just in case.


2. Drawer Sets For Aesthetics

Not every filing cabinet needs to be a cube! Instead, consider cabinets like the Carine Executive Drawer Unit with five different drawers but gorgeous in a 1970s style with a timber finish.  These filing cabinets don’t look how you’d expect a filing cabinet to look, yet offer the chance to have a stylish office.  These look fantastic in professional offices where you’ll have clients visit a lot or for top-earning companies.  Although this cost is higher than the average filing cabinet, it’s worth it for the quality and look.



Drawer Size 1225mm wide x 425mm deep x 800mm high – 4 drawers,
1825mm wide x 425mm deep x 800mm high – 6 drawers
Warranty 5 year
Prices $1,299.00 – $1,774.00 including GST

You can, of course, get stylish looks in smaller three-drawer cabinets since these come in any colour and material available, but changing up the shape of the furniture is enough to make it look like something else entirely.

Consider the aesthetic of your office, who you’re trying to impress with that look, and whether that look is set in stone. Then, if you’re willing to get a little more creative and you have the budget for it, feel free to reinvent your office.


3. Lateral Drawer Filing Cabinets

Lateral drawer filing cabinets allow the files to come out sideways instead of facing straight-on, which ensures that you can fit more into the cabinet and flip through them easily.  This is a fantastic option for any company that needs a lot of similar information stored together and doesn’t want three or four stacked filing cabinets taking up space.  These are also more weight-balanced which means there’s little to no chance of them getting knocked over or falling.



Drawer Size 720mm high x 900mm wide x 600mm deep
Warranty 3 year
Rating 8.0 (Reevoo)
Prices $569.00 including GST


Lateral drawer filing cabinets have more room and are easier to organize, but unfortunately, they aren’t always popular because of the floor space they take up. Of course, your company can use the top of one as a work and collections space for documents, but this is a must that should be a part of almost any company.

Unfortunately, these don’t come in many design choices because their focus is more on utility. Although you can find them in different finishes, they’re not as varied as two to three-drawer classic vertical filing cabinets.


4. Electronic Push Button Heavy Duty Cabinets

Filing cabinets can get heavy and unwieldy to open and sort through, so it’s okay to admit that it’s hard to handle.  Purchasing an electronic push-button metal filing cabinet ensures that your documents will be protected, easy to lock away, and also easy to access if it’s unlocked. In addition, the pushbuttons are most commonly battery operated and will warm you early if the battery starts to die.

Most of these come with anti-rebound drawer closing, anti-tilt mechanisms, and drawer runners with 100% opening space so that you have full access to the room within it.  These can be more expensive than the classic filing cabinets, but the extra expense is worth it for a drawer that offers more security and limits access to those that have the key code.



Drawer Option 2 Drawers, 3 Drawers, 4 Drawers
Color Beige, Graphite Ripple, Silver Grey, White
warranty 8.0 (Reevoo)


Because most of these are combination-open only, it’s a good idea to have someone in charge of memorizing or storing this combination away from anywhere that someone else might find it.  You may assume that it’s hard to guess these combinations, and it is: but if someone gets their hands on the combination paper because it was unfortunately easy to locate, this could mean that a lot of information that should have been private is now public.

Of course, not every office needs its documents locked away. Still, these are incredibly useful for human resources and other company parts that have to be private with their information.


5. Beautiful Timber Grain Filing Cabinets

Metal may be what we’ve all learned to expect with filing cabinets: but that’s not the only option for aesthetics.  Instead, consider cabinets that have a melamine timber grain finish on them.  These cabinets have a unique look that looks both more expensive and also more natural.

Timber grain melamine filing cabinets can ensure that your office doesn’t look too clinical, and instead of that, it keeps a fresh and creative look. But, of course, the wood is just a finish on it, so the filing cabinets are still incredibly secure and hard to be broken into.  Many of these come with locks and either keys or combinations.



Drawer Size 690mm high (including the castors) x 465mm wide x 447mm deep
Warranty 5 year
Rating 10 (Reevoo)
Prices $221.00 including GST


Having secure documents doesn’t mean that you have to have a filing cabinet that looks like it came out of the 1900s.  Workers are more willing to stay in an office space that’s visually attractive because of its perceived value, give them something gorgeous to look at while they work, and as long as you treat your employees right, your staff turnover rate should stay low!


All Filing Cabinets Need To Perform One Function

The most important thing a filing cabinet can do is give your documents a safe space to sit in storage.  This keeps them out of the way, ensures that you can easily locate them, and gives you the option to lock them if the documents are sensitive information.  Picking beyond that, you can be careful about aesthetics as long as you land on something your office will be able to use.

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