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Australian adults spend on average between 8 and 10 hours sitting on a daily basis, in most cases due to the sedentary nature of their work. A number of health issues appear as a consequence and the majority of people attempt to prevent them by introducing regular exercising to their weekly routine.

But researchers point out that health issues which occur as a result of prolonged sitting remain. Regardless of the amount of physical activity. Evidently, excessive sitting and general inertia are separate health hazards. Which means that in order for you to minimise the risk of sedentary-related injuries, sitting time needs to be reduced.

For this reason, you will see many modern office spaces equipped with height adjustable desks which allow you to switch from sitting to a standing position with ease.

Not convinced a standing desk or height adjustable desks is a better alternative? Check out all the benefits that come with it before making a final decision.

1. Positive effect on our health

Even those who are sitting in carefully selected ergonomic chairs are advised to take occasional brakes. No matter how comfortable we think we may feel. Extended exposure to sitting will a have a negative effect on our overall health. Most notably, a stand-up desk will help people struggling with:

Spine pain

Movement reduces muscle fatigue and improves circulation. Namely, a blood flow increase occurs when we are in a standing position or walking, that way re-energising the muscles.

Lower back pain

Although standing forces us to spend about 20% more energy than when we are seated. We put much lower pressure on the intervertebral disc.

High blood sugar

Standing instead of sitting after a lunch break will help reduce blood sugar spike.

Cardiovascular diseases

Research which compared health condition of a bus conductor and a driver found that there was far less heart disease-related deaths in conductors than their colleagues who spend the majority of the day sitting behind the wheel.

It may come to you as a surprise, but a study published in 2012 suggested that sitting for prolonged periods of time may compromise our metabolic health, lowering our lifespan. Still, further research is needed to prove the validity of this statement and to which extent can our life expectancy be affected.

2. Lowered risk of obesity

Australian Institute of Wealth and Welfare reports that almost 2 out of 3 adults and 1 in 4 children are overweight or obese. Because of such troubling state of facts, we are continually working on discovering the possible causes. All in an effort to come up with effective solutions.

A sedentary lifestyle is definitely a major contributing factor. Regardless of the amount of physical activity, researches show that the longer the sitting time, the higher the chances of suffering from obesity are. Therefore, employees are advised to consider switching to standing desks where they would get the chance to get up and stretch their feet and burn a few calories.

3. Internal chemistry support

Sitting for prolonged periods is actually contrary to our natural instincts and our body’s chemistry. The more we move, the better our body handles glucose and insulin. Now, this activity doesn’t have to involve high-intensity training. Taking a few minutes or hours of your day to stand at your desk instead of sitting will balance your chemical levels.

4. Elevated mood and energy levels

Employees who get the chance to get up and walk around the office during their work hours appear to be under much less stress don’t report feeling fatigue which is quite common with people who spend almost 8 hours a day sitting at their desk. Among those who implemented a high adjustable desk in their office. Almost 90% say that they feel much more empowered and vigorous in comparison to the time when they worked all day in a sitting position.

5. Increased productivity

Each individual is built differently, meaning it is hardly possible to design one universal workstation that will suit everyone’s physical needs. An adjustable desk allows you to set up a workstation in such a way that you can take up the most optimal working position. Once you are in a “neutral posture” in which your body is the strongest and most efficient. You are bound to experience a significant productivity boost.

Furthermore, the ability to switch positions will help you break work monotony, which will also benefit your mood, energy, and motivation.

Over to you

Stand up desks or height adjustable desks come with a multitude of benefits, primarily for your health. Ultimately, all this will contribute to your work performance.

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