CEO Executive Chair, Front and Rear View

Are you looking for new executive chairs, but have no idea what the top models are? Choosing the right chair is important to ensure you have good lumbar support, adjustability and durable fabric. You might spend up to 40 hours in front of the computer during the work week. Therefore, it’s an essential tool that can avoid sick leave due to a bad back.

However, it takes time to filter out the top models from the hordes of average ones. This blog saves you time by presenting the top models in one place. You can’t go wrong by selecting any of the executive chairs listed below

Carine High Back Executive Chair

Do you have a big budget for sophisticated office chairs that ticks all the boxes? This model oozes class, which is evident from the impressive specifications. The premium black leather fits in with the interior décor of any Perth office. Also, the Zebrano timber veneer accents add a touch of style that most other chairs overlook.

The model has a multi lock tilt mechanism that helps the chair remain stable when you sit and move around. It helps keep the posture correct and reduces the chances of developing back pain.

The chair weight rating is 120kg and it comes with a 5 year warranty. The lengthy warranty deal indicates how much faith the manufacturer has in the durability of their chair. Overall, the chair is not the best value for money given the high asking price. However, it’s the best model that money can buy and you won’t regret having this model in your office.


Carine Executive Chair

Incorp High Back Extra Heavy Duty Office Chair

Looking for an office chair that won’t break under heavy load? This model is designed to function under 160kg and offers an extra-large seat. The heavy duty construction ensures this executive office chair is built to last. The impressive 7 year warranty is a nice touch too.

The combination of the adjustable head rest and arms gives each person customisability to get the best seating position. This is important since we all have different bodies. Improved comfort means you can use this chair for extra-long sessions without feeling the need to take a break every 15 minutes.

The chair is level 6 AFDRI approved, which means it’s designed for commercial use. This makes it one of the best options – especially if you’ve struggled to find a chair that can handle your long work week.

Ranger Chair

Incorp Heavy Duty Chair

Valentina Medium Back Chair

The mixture of the slim design and competitive price gets this model on our list. It’s ideal for office employees that want a minimalist design which takes up less room. The upholstered black man-made leather design looks elegant and classy.

Furthermore, the polished alloy of the 5 star base and arms provide a premium look. This classy chair gives clients the right first impression. However, the design is not as comfortable as a few of the bulkier alternatives in this blog.

The single point lock mechanism helps get a fixed seating position. It’s perfect for keeping your back stable when you move about. Overall, the chair is a steal when you consider the affordable price.

Valentina Medium Back ChairBoston Promesh

The large seat upholstered in grey fabric is another AFRDI approved chair. It provides excellent ergonomics allowing office workers to sit comfortably for hours. Want the good news? You can order a range of seat fabrics to get the end design that matches your taste. However, that might be pricier and delivery times will increase.

The auto-tension control adjusts the chair automatically based on the weight of each individual. The maximum allowed weight is 135kg. Also, there is an impressive 10 year warranty, which gives you peace of mind.

In conclusion, this Boston executive chair offers excellent lumbar support and a seat slide mechanism that’s perfect for taller users.

Motion Chair

Boston Chair

Hi-Tech Ergo Chair

Are you interested in a revolutionary design that gives you amazing customizability? Office chairs like this one don’t come along often so seize the opportunity. You’ll love the combination of the adjustable weight tension control, lower lumbar support, headrest and 3D height adjustable arm rests.

The maximum weight is 120kg and highly ergonomic design is perfect for long work sessions. The chair looks odd visually, but the ergonomic design helps overcome health issues. Sit in the chair once and you’ll never want to go back to a regular office chair.

Hi-Tech Ergo ChairConclusion

The 5 executive chairs above are some of the best that money can buy. You’ll love the mixture of the ergonomic design, high quality materials and stability. Investing in an excellent chair ensures you avoid injuries, present a professional look to clients and set the right tone with other office employees.

So what are you waiting for? Order a new executive office chair online today, from our Perth office furniture store – your office deserves it!