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The remote working idea has never been as popular as it is today. Virtually every company has adjusted to the situation of things and advised their workers to work from home. However, how can someone who is used to the usual office environment set up quickly, and adjust to working from home? The answer is pretty simple, get the required good quality office desks set-up at home and enjoy your conventional office lifestyle. Plus this is an opportunity to set your office up the way you want to. And of course, one of the first things you will need are comfortable office desks.

Thinking more about it, not just any kind of office desk will work for your home office space; you need comfortable and practical home office furniture that solidifies your working space as a hub of productivity and efficiency. Because while working at home, you need the right office desks that suit your work style and limited space available, and at the same time help you keep focus. Comfort is a significant factor we can’t afford to forget at this planning stage. Another crucial factor is the size and shape of your workspace. You must allow enough space to move around and fit in other important home offices essentials. To save you some of the headaches and stress, we’ve come up with the best 9 cool desks for your home office in 2021

1. Smart Desk, Drawer Unit and Sandon Chair Package

If you are looking for an office desk that offers you all office desk features, then this classic office table is a very good option for you. This table is made up of high quality, heavy duty melamine, and is available in a range of sizes – 1200mm x 700mm, 1500mm x 700mm and 1800mm x 700mm. It’s big enough to contain all your office equipment and material without looking for an extra table for support. The Smart Desk Drawer Unit table has three drawers to accommodate all your document, files, materials, notepads and any other office material. Plus, it is sturdy and durable, and strong enough to last you for a very long time.

Smart Desk, Drawer Unit and Sandon Chair Package

Smart Desk, Drawer Unit and Sandon Chair Package

2. Student Desk

If you’re looking for office desks that will easily fit into a small space, then this is a great practical choice. It’s very compact and has all the necessary things you need in an office desk. It has a small drawer where you can keep your files and documents safe, tidy and out of the way. Plus, this durable office desk is made up of heavy duty commercial quality melamine. That is strong enough to carry any conventional office equipment, including your computer, keyboard, printer and enough space to drive your mouse around.

Student Desk

Student Desk, White with Optional Single Drawer

3. Edge Student Desk

The Edge Student Desk is an excellent choice for someone with limited office demands, but cares about a comfortable office life at a cost effective price. This table is much more versatile than one would imagine, and gives you the comfort and space that you would expect. It’s made up of a smooth white surface with a durable desk top, designed to survive a robust commercial environment, stains and years of heavy use.

Edge Student Desk

4. Corporate Desk and Hutch Package

Have you been looking for a giant office desk that can sustain your office needs while working at home? Then this desk is surely designed just for you. It’s large and spacious, and has all you need to handle all your daily demands easily. While one would think this sophisticated table will take up a lot of space, it is exactly the opposite. It occupies a very small portion of your workspace, and still manages to create an ample space and storage facilities for you to store all your office equipment and materials. It also allows you to manage all your urgent needs while sitting in front of the desk.

Brown and Black Corporate Office Desk and Hutch

5. ‘Move’ Desk Top Height Adjustable Stand

This modern office desk is incredibly flexible for anyone who enjoys standing while working. Plus, it gives you enough space to place one or two computer monitors – a fantastic set up for anyone into stock or forex trading. Sound and music producers also love this type of unique adjustable stand, which makes a great choice to consider as part of your overall home office furniture requirements.

5 Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

6. Barron Steel Framed Table 

The Barron steel framed utility table is pretty cool and ideal for someone that has a requirement for a large table to handle all their immediate office needs. It is stylish, simple, and available in a range of modern table top colours – which makes it fit anywhere in your house without disrupting the room decor. And the high quality steel frame makes it very sturdy and durable to carry any office equipment, including your computer, printer, lamination machine and other heavy office machines.

Barron Steel Framed Table, Off-White Top

Barron Steel Framed Table, White Top

7. Smart Small Student Desk

This small Smart office desk is lovely, and serves you like any other office table on this list. It is a transcendent and was originally designed to serve as a home office table – just like an extension of your office at home. The under frame is made from metal to give you the firmness and durability that you need in an office table, coupled with a hard wearing melamine desk top, which has an easy clean surface which protects from stains, and general dirt and scuffs.

Smart Desk - Smart furniture range

Smart Desk White Top Silver Base

8. Bondi Home Office Package

The Bondi Home Office Furniture Package is a premium home office desk that gives you the full office experience. Even in the comfort of your own house. It is a pretty classic white office table designed with a heavy duty finish, to protect it from stains or scratches. It also comes with a mobile office drawer unit, to serve as extra storage for your general office needs. These classic desks will beautify your home office space and gives you a unique office experience.

Home Office Package

9. Solo Portable Personal Electric Height Adjustable Desk 

The solo portable Electric Height Adjustable Desk is an extremely versatile home office electric or battery operated desk, that can easily fit into anywhere in your home, including your sitting room, bedroom and even study room. It is mobile and portable and can be easily moved to wherever you want to use it. Plus, it has a heavy duty melamine desk top, which makes it durable and safe from stains and scratches. With it’s optional rechargeable battery, it is a truly portable sit stand desk solution.

Portable height adjustable desk

Solo Portable Personal Electric Height Adjustable Desk


Home office furniture is obviously the number one thing you should buy when setting up your home office space. Thinking more about it, as we’ve shown here, these essential products don’t need to be expensive, and they will serve you longer than you thought.

All the listed office desks in this blog are available for sale in our online store. All our office furniture are manufactured using top quality materials. You can contact us for more information, or browse through our entire website for other fantastic home office furniture solutions. I’m sure you will enjoy the tour.