Armless Chairs

Armless chairs offer employees full mobility, the ability to tuck their seats under their desks easily while they’re sitting in them, and in some cases, the chance at better posture. So if you want to offer your employees the best seats possible, or you’re shopping for your office or home office, these are the best armless options available!

1. Surrey Ergonomic Mesh Back Office Chair

If you want a beautiful black mesh chair that can look great in any office: the Surrey Ergonomic Mesh Back Office Chair is the one you should go for.  Coming in an extended range of seat fabric or classic man-made leather, this seat is made to look great and very comfortable.  The three lever fully ergonomic gas lift, back tilt, and seat tilt ergonomic mechanism mean that workers can enjoy adjusting the chair to their comfort while still focusing on the work at hand.

Although the main model comes without armrests, you can purchase them to be added on for additional comfort if you ever change your mind.  As an armless chair, it’s a wonderful mix of comfort and aesthetics.

Surrey Chair, Black Vinyl Seat2. Avon High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

The Avon High Back Ergonomic Office Chair has a classic look, with a soft yet supportive high back to ensure you’re well supported.  The gas lift and back tilt allow for a range of seating options to handle most employee’s needs, and the height-adjustable back fights against back pain.

Although it classically was only available in black, navy, and charcoal, it’s now available in a large range of thirteen colors, allowing you to match it to any office’s decor or needs.

The dual-density moulded seat foam ensures that this chair can be more than comfortable for eight-hour shifts and won’t wear out over months or years of working.  To prove this, the chair comes with a three-year warranty.  This is one of the best, and most popular office chairs on this list.

Avon High Back Ergonomic Office Chair3. Carson High Back Heavy Duty

The Carson High Back Heavy Duty ergonomic chair has no arms on it but they are available separately, and a lot of utility!  Offering those who use it a fully ergonomic mechanism and height-adjustable back rest, you can make this seat fit whatever you need it to do: and it’s guaranteed to last up to ten years.

The large seat, sitting 520mm by 48mm, ensures that it can seat any employee and offers enough space to sit in any pose or angle that helps for work to be completed.  Available in a huge range of seat colors, you can make this seat as custom as you like or change it up and go for classic black.  It’s a fantastic choice for anyone who wants it!

EG100 Chair

Carson Chair, Charcoal Fabric – AFRDI

4. Oxley High Back Heavy Duty

The Oxley high back ergonomic office chair is made for back support and fantastic comfort.  Coming in over thirteen different fabric colours, this large and strong seat is made to hold up to 150kg, and comes with a ten-year warranty to prove its strength and resilience.

Beyond how strong it is, the Oxley is also incredibly comfortable. It has a moulded foam seat that will leave workers happy and satisfied enough to work without their legs falling asleep or back aching.  The three lever fully ergonomic mechanism under its seat can handle gas, back, and independent seat tilt.

Workers will be excited to arrive at work and take a seat, and productivity should increase the moment you roll these amazing chairs into your office.

Oxley High Back Heavy Duty Ergonomic Office Chair Weight Rating 150KG5. Denise Medium Back Fully Ergonomic Office Chair

If you love a gorgeous navy fabric, you’re not alone. This hue is known to evoke feelings of command and confidence. Including it in an office setting is a surefire way to spark passion in your employees.

The black five-star base on castors ensures weight is distributed evenly, and employees can easily roll between workstations if they need to. Dual-density moulded seat foam offers a comfortable seating option for all employees, and the height-adjustable back rest and lumbar support is there to keep their backs healthy and supported.

With a three-year warranty, this powerful chair is here to ensure that your employees are comfortable and ready to work; there isn’t much more anyone could ask from a chair than that!

Denise Medium Back Fully Ergonomic Navy Office Chair

Denise Chair, Navy Fabric

6. Metro High Back Drafting Chair

If you love a classic black office chair: this high-backed drafting chair is just what your office needs.  With a gas lift, you can ensure comfort and mobility while working at any drafting table. In addition, the fixed-height steel foot ring will keep employee’s legs comfortable and well-circulated, while the dense and firm seat will ensure they can handle sitting through much of their shift.

This drafting chair can handle up to 120kg of weight and has been under warranty for five years, so it’s built strong and made to last through the years.  Although the back isn’t adjustable in height, you can change its tilt and adjust the size of the chair itself.  This is a crowd favourite and sure to win your team over.

Metro High Back Drafting Chair7. Tonic Promesh High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

If you’re looking for ergonomic office chairs with a comfortable seat and good back support: look no further.  The Tonic Promesh High Back Ergonomic Office Chair has something for everyone, with plenty of customizable options.

The soft mesh back ensures good back support while also giving workers a breathable backing that will encourage them to feel comfortable in almost any weather or heat.  This heavily constructed chair has a weight rating of 130kg and is level 6 AFRDI approved (for severe commercial use), ensuring it’s ready for even the most robust commercial environments.

The three-lever fully ergonomic lift and tilt options allow a custom seating experience, while the seven-year warranty guarantees it.  This is a great chair that is made to bring what you want to the table.

Tonic High Back Chair, with ArmsOffice Chairs Need To Be Comfortable And Functional

Whether you’re buying a fantastic office chair for your home office or enough chairs to fill an entire commercial office: the comfort the chair can offer matters. A poor chair can cause back pain and lead to distraction over time. Pick the right chair that’s a great mix of functional and comfortable, and productivity will skyrocket!